Top 7 Reasons to Use Cloud Managed Backup Services

What Are Managed Backup Services?

Data has become an important asset to businesses all around the world. In this digital era, it is important that you keep your company’s data safe and secure, so you can easily recover it in the case of an emergency. A managed backup service is a solution to store your personal and company data. The data can be stored off site using the cloud, so you can access your data remotely, or stored in physical storage if you opt to do so.

Adventus Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery Services is an integrated, end-to-end, and fully managed backup and disaster recovery solutions and services that incorporate cloud backup, storage solutions, backup software, cloud recovery infrastructure, daily operational services, monitoring services, implementation services, emergency hardware services, work area recovery site, and disaster recovery services to keep your business’ data secure and minimize unplanned disruptions in the case on an emergency.

The managed backup solution can be tailor-suited to the system that works best with your business. Whether you are an SME (Small Medium Enterprise) or a large company, and whether you want to utilize a cloud service or use your LAN/WAN, there are always the best solutions for you. When you engage a trusted backup service provider, you can opt for a subscription-based solution that allows you to affordably protect your virtual and physical servers, as well as your PCs and laptops. You can easily reduce or grow your recovery footprint without a huge upfront fee.

What Are Cloud-Managed Backup Services?

Similar to any other managed backup service, a cloud-managed backup service stores all the backups in the Cloud. It is a state-of-the-art, system-level cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solution that reduces the effort and cost of maintaining recovery methods. The cloud-managed backup services are made up of Cloud Backup Storage and Cloud Recovery Infrastructure for the ultimate solution for your business.

Cloud Backup Storage is a highly secure, off-premises, scalable, and durable storage solution for backing up your data. The Cloud can seamlessly integrate with your local backup solution, so your data backup can happen quickly and efficiently while maintaining its security. It is also completely remote, so you can still access your data even when your local physical storage is compromised.

Cloud Recovery Infrastructure is a highly secure and always available recovery solution for your business. If you are connected to the internet, you can securely and easily access your data anytime, anywhere. This solution is also equipped with Recovery to Virtual Desktop Service where you can backup the data from your laptop on the go.

7 Reasons to Use Cloud-Managed Backup Services

  1. Unmatched convenience

    With everything fully set up and managed by our experts, you can rest assured knowing that your backup system is always up and running. There is no need to invest in additional hardware or hire more IT personnel for maintenance and upgrades.

  2. Highly customizable

    You can customize the cloud-managed backup services that best suit your business needs. Whether you are a large company or an SME, there is an efficient solution for your business.

  3. Connect from anywhere

    With a cloud-based solution, you can connect from anywhere in the world anytime, if you are connected to the internet. The cloud securely brings you your data and system wherever you go for your utmost convenience.

    A Recovery to Virtual Desktop Service also helps you backup the data and presentations from your laptop even when you are on the go. The technology restores your last backup image into the Virtual Desktop Platform, so you can access it again from anywhere in the world.

  4. Off-premises storage & recovery

    When you store your data in the cloud service, you are storing it in a remote location with high security. So even when your local site is compromised, you can still quickly and safely recover your data and resume business as usual. Using cloud-based backup services also increases security due to our encryption algorithm and at the same time protects your data against file corruption in the case of a hardware malfunction.

  5. Cost efficiency

    With experts managing your data, you can drastically reduce costs, deter implementation efforts, and lower maintenance requirements. Your company does not have to invest more in hiring IT personnel and purchasing and maintaining additional hardware and software.

  6. Agility

    As it is highly customizable, you can easily scale the service depending on your needs. The extremely elastic infrastructure of a cloud can scale seamlessly based on your resource demands.

  7. Peace of mind

    Protecting all the systems and data is crucial to your business, from physical and virtual servers to PCs and laptops. Cloud infrastructure is also highly reliable, built with high degrees of redundancy and availability. So now, you can rest assured that your data is in the best hands and your business is well-protected no matter where you are.


In this digital age, data is becoming one of the most valuable resources your business can have. With the threats of ransomware, cyber threats, and natural disasters, it is more important now than ever to keep your data safe and secure. Adventus’ managed backup services are essentially the best solution to keep your valuable and crucial data and systems, so your business can continue running should anything happen.

For maximum convenience, you can streamline your backup solution with cloud-based managed backup services. Easy maintenance, low cost, highly customizable, and easily accessible anywhere, you can sit back and relax knowing your data is managed and maintained by the best team. Step into the future with Adventus’ cloud-based managed backup services and find out how you can start protecting your business by contacting Adventus’ team of experts now.

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