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The ability of an organization to communicate effectively and efficiently internally and with external parties has a significant impact on its bottom line. An organization with excellent communication abilities benefit from, amongst other things, higher employee productivity, greater employee satisfaction, higher rate of innovation and  stronger customer engagements.

Headquartered in Singapore, Adventus IP Telephony and Contact Centre Solutions and Services is a suite of brand agnostic services and solutions that focuses on facilitating excellent and reliable voice, data and video communication in organizations. Our services include:

  • Design and implementation of IP Telephony systems

  • Design and implementation of Contact Centre systems

  • Maintenance of IP Telephony & Contact Centre systems


Our strength lies in our team of strong and motivated voice and network engineers that are trained and certified across a wide range of brands and solutions. Our immense experience in designing, implementing and maintaining IP Telephony and Contact Centre systems and solutions ensures that your business is equipped with the most suitable voice, data and video communication solutions. On top of that, our structured and stringent work processes and professional post-sales support team provide the assurance that your communication systems operate reliably round the clock.



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IP Phone Systems


IP Telephony (Internet Protocol Telephony) systems or IP PBX (Private Branch Exchange) use the internet protocol’s packet-switched connections to exchange voice, data, video and other forms of information. They offer a hosts of benefits over legacy phone systems (analog and digital phones) that include:

  • Eliminates IDD & local call charges to overseas / satellite offices via extension dialling IP phone systems allow calls to be made for free via the same corporate network over the internet. Interconnecting all offices with an IP phone system with extension dialling allows you to make all internal calls for free and with ease. 
  • Eliminates IDD call charges to external parties overseas and pay only local call charges with virtual numbers IP Phone systems allow calls to be made to an overseas number using the internet and via a virtual number to eliminate IDD call charges.
  • Add, change and delete phones easily without the need for phone wiring IP phones are connected using the LAN cable instead of the telephone cable, eliminating the need to wire phone cables every time there is a need to add, change or delete phones. WIFI enabled phones further eliminates the need for the LAN cable for IP phones.
  • User friendly “Follow Me” extension configuration Employees can easily log in at any IP phone for their extension to follow them anywhere they sit, making hot-desking easily manageable for the IT team.
  • Calling and receiving calls using mobile phone and desktop application (Soft Phones)Users can be equipped with call applications on their mobile phone and desktop and/or laptop that are seamlessly integrated with their desk phones.
  • Easy Integration with other communication and business systems and applications IP phone systems can be integrated easily with other applications and systems like Microsoft Outlook for outbound calls to be placed easily, call centre solutions for call recordings or CRMS for data exchange.

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