Adventus Physical Security Solutions and Services

Access Control Solutions

Secure access to your premises with face recognition, iris recognition and/or key card solutions complemented with access control software, management reporting software and impeccable 24/7 monitoring, support and respond services

Video Surveillance (CCTV) Solutions

Deter crime, improve safety, prevent pilferage, control occupancy, monitor productivity and reduce liability with state-of-the-art video surveillance (CCTV) solutions and reassuring 24/7 round the clock monitoring, support and respond services

Intrusion Alarm Systems

Protect your valuable assets with advanced intrusion detection technology with 24/7 round the clock monitoring, support and respond services that suit the needs of your organization

Visitor Management Solutions

Replace your paper logbook with an intelligent visitor management system that impresses your visitors, sends notifications, prints identification badges, produce management reports and improves security

Thermal Screening Solutions

Non-contact temperature measurement at a distance that is safe, easy to use and when combined with workflow solutions, improves efficiency, reduces cost and increases customer satisfaction

Video Analytics

Automate human video monitoring round the clock with video analytic software to reduce cost, increase accuracy, increase productivity, increase customer satisfaction, improve sales and satisfy regulatory requirements

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