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Adventus Managed Print Services is a suite of solutions and services that focuses on the efficient and cost effective management of enterprise wide print and scan output; the wide array of print and scan devices; print and file servers that control and store the huge amounts of print and scan jobs; connected software solutions that enable a multitude of incredible capabilities; and the consumables that keep the devices printing – all under the wings of a single trusted service provider.

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Unique Value Proposition

Adventus Managed Print Services is a unique suite of solutions and services that is clearly differentiated from the competition. With our financial arm, we buy back your old systems and invest in your new IT infrastructure to give you access to technology that your business needs to leapfrog the competition and you only need to pay a fixed monthly fee to use it instead of paying for everything upfront. With our team of expert professionals and toolsets, we take ownership and responsibility for the smooth delivery and reliable day-to-day running of your systems to give you a peace of mind by monitoring your systems religiously and pro-actively providing preventive maintenance. With our stringent processes, solutions and clear service level agreements, we guarantee high availability of your systems to help you maximise the benefits of your business systems.


We consult with you and design your new technology


We buy back your current assets in cash


We invest in your new technology. You only need to pay a monthly fee to use it


We deploy your new technology quickly and reliably


We manage and maintain your new technology


We monitor your new systems relentlessly


We guarantee high availability with clear service level agreements


We apply data analytics for system enhancements

Hardware – Print & Scan Devices

We have forged impeccable partnerships with some of the best companies in the world to deliver intelligent and cost effective managed print services and solutions to our clients. We are methodical in our approach by analysing User to Device Ratio, Volume to Device ratio and Proximity to Device Ratio to ensure the rightsizing of your fleet of devices and the delivery of an optimized solution.

Supported Devices:

  • Single Function Printers

  • Multi-Functional Copiers

  • Production Printers

  • Security Printers

  • MICR Printers

  • Cheque Printers

  • AIOs

  • Scanners

  • Facsimiles

  • Fax Routers


Methodical Approach:

  • User to Device Ratio

  • Volume to Device Ratio

  • Proximity to Device Ratio

Software & Solutions

Software solutions for efficient document cost and output management by providing the benefits of:

  1. User authentication protection to prevent unauthorised use.

  2. Eliminating waste and reducing consumable usage by at least 40% with Pull Print, authentication and policy compliance.

  3. Simplified print infrastructure by consolidating printers and print servers to reduce support and maintenance costs.






Kyocera Net Manager

HP Access Control


Enterprise information management solutions that enables data management in real-time with the benefits of:

  1. Achieving optimal business outcomes by providing workers with 100% of the information required to make good business decisions

  2. Increasing process speed drastically by eliminating idle time, assembling information and minimising human touch points.

  3. Eliminating costly processing errors and omissions by automating task allocation.

Kofax ControlSuite

Kofax Autostore

Kofax Business Connect



Software solutions to efficiently and economically manage business information within an enterprise with the benefits of:

  1. Information capture, either via scanner or directly uploading electronic content that can be classified, indexed and archived.

  2. Security provided in a highly protected environment, offering comprehensive controls over document access.

  3. Automation of document/information business processes to create optimised workflow.


Kyocera Content Management

Kyocera Smart Information Management

OpenText eDOCS

Microsoft SharePoint



Canon Therefore

Software solutions that provide color-accurate proofs, organised workspaces and streamlined printing tasks with the benefits of:

  1. Streamlined job submission to production process easily online without physically visiting the print room.

  2. Flexible processing of print jobs - in the local application, in the browser, on the mobile device or directly on the printer.

  3. Consistent color results for all printing process, e.g.: offset, digital, large format printing.

  4. Ensuring maximum result on production process.

  5. Cutting in half the time & cost required for prepress process.

AccurioPro Flux




Software solutions to ensure optimal communication with the benefits of:

  1. Engaging more profitably with customers by leveraging personally relevant information at every touch point.

  2. Reducing postage and paper costs by over $1,000,000 per year. *

  3. Reducing document processing time by an average of 77%. *

  4. Reducing document maintenance costs by over 58% a year.*

* Based on Internal HP data (2004-2013 from hundreds of HP Exstream customers).


Stream Serve

HP Exstream

Pay Per Print Maintenance Program

This is our most unique and refreshing managed print service that transforms the way that you buy and make payments for such ad-hoc but yet frequent requirements for services and consumables. It transforms such purchases and payments from an ad-hoc transactional mode to a long term contractual mode that brings about numerous benefits for your enterprise.

With our Pay per Print Payment Plan, we will deliver all services, toners and consumables to you first. You only need to pay for all these services and products at the end of every month based on a fixed Per Print Charge multiplied by your total enterprise print volume for the month. Your total enterprise print volume is determined and verified at the end of every month by the reading of the page count of your print devices onsite or remotely via our Remote Monitoring Tools.

Possessing excellent on-site maintenance, support and repair capabilities is critical to the success of our Managed Print Services Program. Our team of highly skilled and committed maintenance technicians and engineers are well-trained and equipped to service and repair an extremely wide range of IT hardware and print equipment across multiple brands with a turnaround time that is always above the mark in the industry.

Automatic Toner & Consumables Delivery

With Adventus Automatic Consumables Delivery Service, you will never have to manage your corporate consumables needs directly ever again. We stockpile on parts and consumables (toners and ink cartridges) and deliver them speedily to you when you need them, before you even know it. Employing our Remote Monitoring Tools, we proactively manage your consumables usage remotely by keeping track of their consumption rate and setting a threshold for their replenishment. When the threshold is reached, an alert will be automatically fired into our delivery system to activate a delivery of a replacement consumable to you. We further differentiate ourselves from the competition by loading in the consumable for you. To your corporate users, it just seems like the print devices never run out of consumables and no human intervention is ever required.

Current Asset Buy Back

We can help you speed up your technology adoption with cash buy back of your current assets or redemption of your outstanding lease so that you could embark on your journey with us sooner and start reaping the benefits of it.

Subscription Based Payment (Monthly)

Leave the technological investments to us. You only need to pay a fixed monthly fee to enjoy all the benefits that comes with our managed service and the latest technologies without having to fork out huge investments upfront.

IT Helpdesk & Call Centre Services

Concentrate on your core competencies. Let us manage issue logging, ticketing, 3rd party vendors and enquiries from your corporate users directly for you. Our dedicated customer care representatives are professional and well trained to manage enquiries and issue logging from your corporate users. Our familiarity with a wide range of print and IT products ensures that problems are resolved quickly over the phone or on-site engineers are dispatched quickly. Prompt and regular follow ups complimented by monthly and weekly performance and trend reporting ensures that the customer experience of your internal customers will always be delightful.


Remote Monitoring

From our state-of-the-art Operations Centre, we monitor your print infrastructure religiously and relentlessly for proactive resolution of issues and delivery of consumables.

Regular Trends & Data Analytics

Our reports provide you with highly concise and enterprise wide usage information for all your printing and imaging, thus enabling efficient use of your print network.


With our stringent processes, solutions and clear service level agreements, we guarantee high availability of your print & imaging infrastructure to help you maximize the benefits of your systems.

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