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To achieve your corporate objectives in this ultra-competitive and globalised marketplace of today, you need your employees and stakeholders to be efficient and be focused on their core competencies. You need your business solutions and IT systems to be running smoothly and without disruptions. The end users of your IT systems and solutions deserve fast, superior and reliable services for their technology needs and technical difficulties. If you have a small footprint with no IT resources, you might be making do with what little assistance you could get your hands on while making sacrifices to productivity. If you are a medium or large enterprise with hundreds, if not, thousands of users, you might be facing challenges in the area of human resources, rising costs, domain knowledge and the availability of toolsets.

Adventus IT Support Services focuses on providing fast, superior, reliable and customizable outsourced IT Support Services for you to focus on business critical functions by leaving part or all of your IT support needs under the wings of a single trusted service provider.

Whether you are a large corporation or a small medium enterprise operating in Singapore or other countries in Asia, we can customize our IT managed services to suit your needs. For a fixed monthly fee, we can take over the management of specific functions or your entire IT support needs. We can provide you with complete access to our core infrastructure, proven processes and resources or complement your internal resources by designing a customized program around you. We can provide you with a dedicated headcount or be there only when you need us. We recognize that the needs of every organization are unique and we are dedicated to create the synergy in every way we can.

Adventus outsourced it support services flowchart


Expert Professionals

Specialised Tools

Excellent Management Systems

Proven Processes

Religious Monitoring Services

Superior Services

Fast Resolutions

Customized Solutions

Wide Range of Expertise


Level 1 IT Helpdesk & Remote Support

Gain round the clock (24/7) access to our team of professional and well trained IT Helpdesk Engineers for fast resolution of all IT issues remotely.


Speedy Remote Resolution

Instant Support

Expert Professionals

Wide Range of Expertise

Persistent Status Updates

Information Technology Infrastructure Library Processes

Advanced Ticketing and Tracking System

Activity Reports

A team of professional and well trained IT Helpdesk Engineers
Value Propositions Description
Professional IT Helpdesk Single point of contact for all IT support service requests
Ticketing and Case Tracking System Centralised ticketing and case management system to track and monitor every event logged through the Adventus Helpdesk
Service Status Email Updates Persistent email updates and notifications on the progress and status of cases logged
Activity Reports Comprehensive summary of all IT support activities provided and cases logged
Remote Troubleshooting Instant support to users using award winning tools to diagnose and resolve issues remotely

Level 2 On-Site IT Support

Gain round the clock (24/7) access to our team of professional and well trained IT Engineers for fast resolution of all IT issues on-site.


Speedy On-Site Resolution

Friendly and Pro-Active Professionals

Effective End-User Training

Fast Response Time

Expert Professionals

Wide Range of Expertise

Persistent Status Updates

24/7 IT support services in Singapore for fast resolution of IT issues on-site
Activities Covered Descriptions
Desk-side Troubleshooting On-site diagnostics and troubleshooting to end users at desk side
End-User Training and Management On-site IT support incident communication and training for end users
External Vendor Coordination Third-party vendor management and escalation for problem resolutions and system enhancements
Global IT Alliance Establish alignment with global IT team for effective execution of IT strategies and delivery of IT projects
Preventive Maintenance Scheduled preventive maintenance for IT systems
Equipment Diagnostics Professional diagnostics services for faulty equipment
Equipment Repair / Recovery Services to ensure speedy repair and recovery of IT equipment

Infrastructure Monitoring Services

Gain round the clock (24/7) access to our cutting-edge IT Infrastructure Operations Center (ITOC). With our powerful suite of infrastructure monitoring tools, analytics and expert skillsets, we can help you ensure that your network, servers, applications and websites are religiously monitored and supported, such that any disruption is responded to immediately. Let us also help you gain insights into the performance and usage patterns of your network, servers, applications and websites to help you identify potential issues and resolve them proactively or redesign them for improved efficiency and optimisation.


Cost Efficiency

Total Peace of Mind

Real-time Detection and Alerts on Disruptions

Proactive Network and Systems Management

Faster Responses to Disruptions

24/7 access to outsourcing IT services in Singapore
Network Monitoring
Security Appliances
Load Balancers
Server Monitoring
Mac/OS X
DNS Servers
Web Servers
Application Servers
File Servers
Database Servers
Mail Servers
Application Monitoring
Process stack
Synthetic Transactions
SQL Database Queries
Multi-step scripts
Email transaction processing
Monitoring Event Logs
Website Monitoring
Website availability
Website response time
Authentication Certificates
HTTP Response Codes
Website Content Checks
Synthetic Transactions
Custom Ports
DNS Servers

IT Infrastructure Maintenance Services

Be it on the cloud or on premise, let us help you keep your IT infrastructure running efficiently and reliably. Our strength lies in the breadth of the products that we are able to manage and the depth of the services that we provide. The result is a worry-free and high up-time operation under the wings of a single trusted service provider that propels your business forward.

Our Service Activities Include:

  • Daily Operation Monitoring and Administration
  • Routine onsite maintenance, updates and patches
  • Emergency Recovery services
  • Execution and monitoring of backup operation
  • Change request management
  • Scheduled equipment maintenance and reboots
  • Provisioning of network resources for new users and new equipment
  • Network traffic monitoring
  • Infrastructure Diagram Update
  • Server Support

Our Product Coverage:

  • Physical Servers
  • Storage
  • Hypervisor Hosts
  • Virtual Machine Instances
  • Converged Systems
  • Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Wireless Access Points
  • Firewall
  • UPS

Drawn flowchart of server support process

IT Vendor Management & Coordination

Effective vendor management enables organizations to drive service excellence, mitigate risks, improve efficiency and achieve cost savings. We can help you gain increased value from your IT support vendors while freeing you to focus your time on your core business competencies. We can help you consolidate vendor contracts and software licenses across business units, eliminate contract redundancies, minimize potential business disruptions, provide pre-sales consultancy, coordinate post-sales support, boost vendor performance and more.

Vendor Performance Management

  • Objective assessment of vendors by establishing, measuring and review of SLA & KPIs for service quality assurance and development of framework for future improvements

Post Sales Service Support Coordination

  • Accurately identifying problems and working with the right vendors for resolutions
  • Assertive management of vendors for fast resolutions of issues and problems
  • Pursuance of service level credits and/or other remediation that vendor performance warrants

IT Procurement Consultancy & Coordination

  • Objective assessment of vendors and technology solutions in alignment with business strategies
  • Development of technology requirements
  • Development and management of the RFQ process
  • Coordinating and managing technology implementation

Co-workers discussing IT manpower management

Staff Augmentation

Gain access to our pool of highly skilled IT professionals, toolsets and management expertise for your short term and long term IT staffing and personnel management needs.

We provide IT manpower and resources to complement your internal resources to help you overcome short term manpower and resources requirements for projects, upgrades, system implementation, periodic maintenance and even general IT administration work.

We can also provide you with complete functional IT outsourcing services by taking over your entire IT staffing, training, backfill, payroll and personnel management function on a long term basis at a strategic level, allowing you to focus on your core business competencies.

Our engineers and consultants are carefully selected for their technical proficiency, problem solving skills and customer service aptitude. Each engineer and consultant also goes through our rigorous training program to ensure that we constantly exceed your expectations. Needless to say, every Adventus engineer and consultant that you engage brings along the support, and is backed up by, our entire technical team and resources.

Our services include:

  • Onsite and Remote Augmentation
  • Highly Skilled IT Professionals
  • Short Term and Long Term Engagements
  • Complementary Outsourcing and Complete Functional Outsourcing


Cost Efficiency

Immediate Access to Top IT Talent

Remote and Onsite Augmentation

Certified IT Engineers and Consultants

Service Excellence

Greater Flexibility and Scalability

Outsourced IT helpdesk staff with completed general IT administration work.

IT License Management

Gain access to our team of IT license management experts to ensure that you adhere to regulatory requirements, meet commercial obligations and achieve cost efficiency with an effective IT licensing strategy that meets your business and technological needs.

Failure to effectively manage IT Licensing requirements can have a serious impact on your business:

  • Financial Loss
  • Overspending
  • Legal Consequences
  • Reputational Embarrassment

Our services include:

  • IT Licensing Strategy Development
  • Licensing Advisory
  • Discovery & Matching
  • Audit


Cost Efficiency

Avoid Financial and Legal Consequences

Understanding of Your Current IT Licensing

Optimise the Use of Your IT Assets

Quantify Financial Risks

Resolve Non-Compliance Risks

Accurate Budgeting

IT Asset Management

Let us help you manage the life cycle of your IT hardware and software assets to ensure that you are always in a position to make the most informed strategic decisions. Using specialised tools, advanced solutions and structured processes, we can help you save time and money by keeping track of your assets and always ensuring that you understand exactly what you have and their values to you.

Our solutions include:

  • RFID Tagging and Discovery
  • Barcode Tagging and Discovery
  • Asset Schedule Maintenance
  • Warranty Management
  • Procurement Management
  • IT Asset Disposal


Cost Efficiency

Effective Tracking and Understanding of IT Assets

Optimise Warranties

Informed and Swift Decision Making

Rapid Discovery

Avoid Making Unnecessary Purchases

Promote the Harvesting of Existing Assets

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