Adventus Cloud Backup

A sound business continuity plan necessitates the backup of your business data to a secondary location. If you do not have a secondary data centre or the critical mass to operate one cost effectively, Adventus Cloud Backup is the perfect solution for you. Adventus Cloud Backup offers enterprises the ability to backup business data and systems directly to Adventus SmartCloud over the internet securely and expediently. Integration with your local backup solution is simple and seamless, data replication is exceptionally efficient and fast while security is enforced at the highest levels. We are focused on digital disk backup solutions at system level for your virtual servers, physical servers, laptops and PCs via a single platform that enable reliable, fast and platform independent restoration. Our award winning solutions make real time replication and extremely short recovery point objective (RPO) possible while our services and cloud infrastructure provide recovery assurance and facilitate the achievement of extremely short recovery time objective (RTO).

Strong Value Propositions

Subscription Based

Our subscription based payment plan eliminates the need to secure a large amount of funding upfront for your technology needs and helps you achieve cost savings at the same time

Monitoring & Backup Validation

Backup jobs are monitored religiously for errors and exceptions that facilitates corrective actions to achieve recovery assurance

Highly Secure

Backup is highly secure with up to
256 bit encryption

Disaster Recovery Services

Our team of recovery specialists are equipped with and possess advanced tools, expertise and experience to ensure that your systems or files are recovered within the shortest time possible

Eliminate Backup Tape-Out

Achieve cost savings, recovery assurance and improve efficiency by eliminating the archaic practise of backup to tapes and transporting them for off-site storage

Managed Services

Subscribe to our suite of managed services to achieve a greater level agility, assurance and convenience

Core Features

  • Short recovery point objective (RPO)

  • Short recovery time objective (RTO)

  • Virtual Server backup

  • Physical Server backup

  • PC Backup

  • Laptop backup

  • Backup over internet

  • Disk-to-disk backup

  • Data replication

  • Monitoring service

  • Up to 256 bit encryption

  • Subscription based

  • High availability

  • Redundancy

  • Platform independent

  • Data archival

  • Extremely small incremental backup size

  • Highly customizable

  • Daily backup validation

  • Cost efficiency

  • Recovery assurance

  • Performance reporting

  • Disaster recovery services

  • Sector based snapshot backup

Achieve a Complete Peace of Mind with
Adventus Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

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