On-site IT Support Services vs Remote IT Support Services

Solving Your IT Issues with the Right Experts

IT support is needed in most businesses to tackle issues related to systems and technological equipment. In most companies, 97% of IT issues can be resolved remotely via phone call, email, or live chat. This means that you can resolve your IT issues without having on-site personnel standing by. From getting directions on how to operate certain equipment to getting help to troubleshoot your system, you can solve your problems via a dedicated team of professional consultants at the end of the helpline. When things get tougher and a remote IT team needs extra assistance, you can then settle for on-site personnel to solve your IT issues.

Benefits of Remote IT Support Services

You may be considering if remote IT support services is a good choice for your company. Here are some benefits of remote IT support for you and your business:

  • Timely service
    With remote IT support services, you can have 24/7 support for your IT issues, anytime, anywhere. This means you can always have your problems fixed quickly and reduce your downtime. Proper maintenance of IT infrastructure can reduce system and equipment breakdown, and when breakdowns happen, remote IT support specialists can help you to quickly identify the issues and fix them.
  • Efficient service
    When you outsource your IT department to well-established IT services providers, they will provide you with a team of IT personnel who are always available at your disposal. This way, you can tackle most of your IT issues at once. Your company also has exposure to 24/7 remote technical support, allowing you to resolve your issues effectively and efficiently.
  • Subject-matter experts
    More than just being always available, good IT service providers also have a team of people with different IT expertise. From cyber security, network support, to technical support, they have the right person for your IT issues. There is no need for you to train them, as they are already experts in the particular fields.

Things to Note for Remote IT Support Services

An in-house IT personnel can be quite expensive as you also need to incur extra fee for the specialists’ salaries and company benefits. You should also hire quite a few IT specialists to tackle different types of issues, such as network support, technical support, and cyber security. With remote IT support from IT services providers, they are considered contractors that you only need to pay on a monthly contract with the service providers. This way, you do not have to take care of their bonuses and other insurance bills, making it more cost-efficient and fuss-free for your company.

However, you should also take note that remote IT support services do not address hardware issues, in the rare cases that they happen. For hardware issues, you will need an on-site team to physically assist with the problem. However, most IT problems are software-related; thus, it is not essential to have an IT support specialist always on stand-by in your company.

What Does Having On-Site IT Support Mean?

When you have an on-site IT support, it means you have a personnel or a team that will be on your beck and call whenever you need them. The main benefit of having an on-site team is that you can get instant access to your IT support, giving you peace of mind and a sense of security. If the problem lies with the hardware, they can also quickly address and resolve the issues.

Things to Note for On-site IT Support

With on-site IT support, they may not be readily available outside working hours. And if they are, this means you need to pay an extra amount of salary for them. This makes it difficult for you if you are facing issues when you are working overseas or overtime. And in the case that you only need simple support, waiting for on-site support may take longer time than remote IT support.

Outsourcing IT Support Benefits

Now that you know the differences between remote IT support and on-site IT support, you might be considering what kind of IT support services you need. Instead of hiring your own IT team, you can opt for outsourcing your IT support, as they come with many benefits:

  • Flexibility
    When you outsource your IT support team, you can customize the type of IT support services that you need depending on what your business currently needs. This includes dispatching the IT team to a specific project, such as setting up a new office. You can also have both 24/7 remote IT support and on-site IT support when needed, giving you convenience and efficiency at a lower cost rather than hiring your own IT team.
  • Reduce downtime
    With reliable IT services providers, you can quickly resolve your IT issues with their professional IT experts. They can also send on-site IT technicians quickly to different locations to resolve your problems. With this, you can reduce your downtime and let your business operate as usual, as soon as possible.
  • Increase efficiency
    By outsourcing your IT support team, you can streamline your IT technical processes with standardized support as the service providers will manage these for you. This way, you can reduce the burden of your in-house IT department, and increase your team’s productivity.


With the increasing importance of IT solutions in business, finding the right IT support will help you improve your business operations. When you are looking for a technical solutions partner, be sure that you find a reliable service provider that offers a variety of support systems, including remote and on-site support. Adventus offers both remote and on-site IT support services that will help you tackle all your technical issues, making sure your business is safe and secured at all times. Contact us now for more inquiries on outsourced IT support services!

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