3 Ways Your Company Can Benefit from Business Broadband

What Is Business Fibre Broadband?

Less worries about connection loss and downtime. Business fiber broadband is the perfect solution for companies, providing stable and reliable internet connection with high bandwidth and a choice of dynamic or static IP. When you sign up with reliable Telco Solutions and Services, you will also get 24/7 support so you can rest assured that you can access the internet and cloud services with a fast and seamless connection.

Business Fibre Broadband vs. Home Fibre Broadband

Both business and home fiber broadband have the same product offering: internet connection. However, despite their similar features and ability to provide good internet connectivity, business broadbands have more features that home broadband may not possess. This makes business fiber broadband more suitable for businesses, big and small.

For example, business broadbands can provide a stronger and more stable internet connection since they have a dedicated network on their own. With business broadband, the network is only sharing the same broadband with up to 16 users, hence the better connection. This way, you can surf the net with more stability, with no downtime. Business broadband can also limit access to suspicious sources, ensuring the security of your business’ network. Business networks are also usually prioritized over residential networks, so you can rest assured that your connection is always stable, no matter what the time of the day is. It is also highly customizable depending on your needs: bandwidth, multiple lines, IP address, guest network, and more. And of course, with business broadbands, you usually have a dedicated 24/7 team that can help you resolve all your network issues.

Why Accessing The Internet Is More Important with Hybrid Work Arrangements

With the current hybrid work arrangement, companies have started to integrate online platforms with physical space. It is very important, now more than ever, that employees are able to connect with clients and colleagues in a virtual space without having to worry about the internet. In a hybrid working environment, employees are working from both homes and in the office during days of the week. The internet serves as a bridge of communication between offices as well. While this is beneficial for offices with regional headquarters and branches, your internet connection must serve a greater function than just connecting. It must facilitate important business meetings, day-to-day communications and operations as well as serving employees’ productivity at home.

For a stable and uninterrupted connection, companies that have implemented the hybrid working model can opt for business fiber broadband, so you can support your employees for improved productivity. With reliable and stable connectivity, you can now easily connect with clients and colleagues on a global scale, allowing your business for regional interactions. You can now take global-scale projects without limitations, focusing on your development without having to worry about connectivity.

3 Ways Your Company Can Take Advantage of Business Broadband for Hybrid Work

  1. Improved connectivity

    With a reliable broadband connection, you and your team can collaborate more easily and seamlessly. Working together in a cloud platform, accessing online software, and communicating via online messages and calls–a strong and stable internet connection is exactly what you need for a more productive workday. Whether it is an on-site or hybrid work arrangement, non-interrupted connectivity eases you to spontaneously schedule meetings and collaboratively brainstorm ideas, letting you and your team get more work done effectively.

  2. Increase engagement

    Once installed, business broadband allows you to get to work instantly, in no time at all. Wherever you are, in the office or at home, you can move around and still get completely engaged with your work with a steady network connection. This way, you can stay connected and stay productive, even when you are working at home.

  3. Streamline client connectivity

    When you have a client visiting your office, it would be a hassle for them to fumble with the wifi password. By setting up business broadband, your clients and guests will be able to join a dedicated wifi network made for visitors. On top of making it convenient and professional for the visitors, this will also keep them from accessing your main network. This way, you can create an additional layer of security to keep your business and data secured.


Hybrid working has been the way to go ever since the pandemic. It allows employees to work collaboratively from both home and in the office. With hybrid working, we can have both the flexibility of remote working, but at the same time, we can have physical interactions with our colleagues when needed. For this work arrangement to work seamlessly, we need to heavily rely on strong and steady internet connectivity. Whether in the office or at home, business fibre broadband helps you stay always connected.

With a business broadband from a reliable Telco provider, your company can improve connectivity for a wider and broader reach of your business. It will also increase the engagement and productivity of the employees, allowing them to work together seamlessly. And lastly, business broadband also allows for a dedicated client connectivity, increasing both your company’s professionality and security. As a Gold Partner of Singtel, Adventus provides one of the best Business Fibre Broadband services in Singapore. More than that, we provide various telco solutions and services for all your business needs. Contact us for a reliable network connection for a more efficient workflow in your business.

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