7 Factors to Consider When Outsourcing IT Support

Modern workplaces are heavily dependent on Information Technology (IT). Be it computers and laptops, servers, simple communication settings, or cybersecurity — the IT department takes care of it all and a lot more.


What is IT Support?

An IT Support team is responsible for installing and configuring computer hardware and software systems and networks across organisations. They monitor the functioning of these systems and respond immediately when the server is down. They also set up accounts for employees and address all technical queries.

IT Support teams have to keep updating themselves about the evolving technological trends and help with problem solving in real-time so that businesses can operate seamlessly. In any organisation, one of the primary tasks or functionalities of an efficient IT team is to secure the network against viruses, potential cyber threats and data breaches.


How Does Outsourced IT Support Work?

how does outsourced IT support work?

Outsourcing refers to signing a contract with third-party entities to carry out specific business functions for your organisation. It is a cost-effective way which helps meet strategic objectives so that your business can prosper. It is most ideal when a company is at a tender stage.


7 Key Considerations Before Outsourcing IT Support

Before you join the IT bandwagon, there are certain factors that are to be taken into consideration to ensure a smooth integration of the IT service team into your workflow and organisation.

  1. Budget

    If you are a small or medium business or a start-up, you have to be careful about the budgets allocated for all necessary functions. In this scenario, it would not be feasible to integrate an internal IT team and spend a hefty sum on the infrastructure. The constant technological advancements require upgrades and that leads to further complications. Thus, it is always best to outsource the technical IT related tasks to an external team of experts who can get the work done efficiently. This would further help in reducing overall expenditure.

  2. Employees

    When you’re able to reduce expenses, you have the budget to hire the employees your organisation needs to function efficiently. This will help increase productivity so that the business’ operational goals are met. There are pros and cons for outsourcing to an off-shore team or an onshore team. While you get to meet an on-shore team, it comes with a higher cost of hiring as against an off-shore team that ensures cost effectiveness. However, while you can easily communicate with the on-shore team who might share the same work culture, there might be a communication lag when the off-shore IT team is concerned. In case you do choose to outsource it to an off-shore IT company, you will require compliance and cooperation from your on-shore employees. Don’t let their morale get affected. Communicate the need to outsource and explain that their jobs will not get affected by it.

  3. Operational Control and Governance

    Outsourcing IT support does not mean that you are losing control of that side of your business. Partial or complete - analyse the amount of control you want to hand over and chalk out a framework for the same. This will help the company and the IT team build a healthy relationship, and clarify roles and responsibilities involved.

  4. Approach to Security

    Ensure that your IT Support team takes security very seriously. Evaluate the amount of sensitive information that you need to share with the IT team. Ensure that they protect your IT infrastructure against vulnerabilities through two-factor authentication, one-time pin or similar security protocols.

  5. Time

    If a project is of a shorter duration, then the best solution is to outsource it to an external IT team. On the other hand, if a project requires a lot of attention and consumes time, then also, it is better to outsource. There is an awful lot on the IT Team’s plate in every organisation. Thus, instead of over-burdening them, outsourcing would be the more practical solution. An external team of skilled individuals will provide your in-house IT team with the support they need to work at their optimal capacity and deliver output in line with the company’s goals.

  6. Experience

    When you do outsource IT support, you are entrusting an external team with a responsibility that can make or break your business’s reputation. So, ensure that the IT team comes with requisite years of experience to make the engagement successful. Outsourcing is also a form of collaboration and any company would want to yield benefits out of this venture. Thus, when you interview potential partners, do an in-depth research about their talent pool, company history and clients. External reviews can also help you make an informed choice.

  7. Your Responsibility

    Ask the right questions. How does the IT team manage their security compliance? How do they manage their service integration and support incremental outsourcing? What is their reporting process like? Take stock of your IT goals, which may be to speed up response time, enhance performance, take backups, regularly maintain networks and devices, and get your compliance up-to-speed with the current rules and regulations. The IT team should be able to meet these aims and that should be clearly mentioned in the Service Level Agreement (SLA) that is drafted after a company has selected their IT partner. SLA is the contract that defines the services you will get from your service provider. If you have certain milestones in mind, it would be prudent to add them in the SLA as well.

How Can Outsourcing IT Support Help Your Business?

Outsourcing IT support is a smart way for your business to reduce overhead costs and streamline specific operations. Since the tech industry is fast-paced with new developments every now and then, the outsourcing industry can help your business grow and adapt to those changes.

For a small or a medium business venture or a start-up, instead of building an in-house IT team from scratch, it is always better to allocate a certain amount from the budget to outsource necessary IT services. It will save office space, and extra expenditure on IT equipment and software, and skilled IT professionals. An external IT team, which is already equipped with state-of-the-art technology and expert workforce, will bring all of this to the table, and relieve you of your IT related concerns. You can, therefore, pay more attention to other business operations and enhance the quality of output.


Why Should You Engage Adventus?

The goal to make the world a better place is what drives Adventus. We are always updated with present and futuristic IT trends and help our clients do the same. With comprehensive IT checks round the clock, Adventus IT Support Services focuses on providing fast, reliable and customisable services. We are well equipped to manage a part of or the complete IT Support process of an organisation as a single trusted service provider.

By introducing business innovations in a competitive globalised market, Adventus has formed a strong network of technology partners. We have built excellent domain expertise by offering a comprehensive range of services and differentiated value proposition that far exceeds everyone’s expectations. Adventus’ unique selling proposition is customer care and delivering quality services to them.

Adventus is equipped with hands-on professionals, with a wide range of expertise, and can cater to your IT management needs. At Adventus, remote and on-site IT support, infrastructure monitoring services and maintenance, management and coordination services are provided. Our teams send regular email updates and notifications on the progress and status of cases logged. For issues on-site, Adventus provides services and equipment to repair, recover and facilitate the delivery of IT projects. Other services include network traffic monitoring, scheduled equipment maintenance and reboots, and provisioning of network resources for new users and new equipment.

Singapore Business Review awarded Adventus Singapore with the best IT Services Provider Award at the National Business Awards, 2020, for the third consecutive year. Adventus can provide all the IT solutions that a smart business would require. Outsource your IT support to the expert in the field and give Adventus an opportunity to be a part of your success story.

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