A Complete Guide to Door Access Control Systems

What Is A Door Access Control System?

Security systems are always at risk of being hacked by cyber thieves therefore it is very vital to implement such a system that makes the breaching process almost impossible for the hackers. So, to keep up with the modern environment we need to upgrade the old archaic security system not only for aesthetic purposes but also to enhance security features.

Since there is a huge difference between a normal keylock system and an HFR (Human Face Recognition system) or fingerprint security system, it is crucial to install a door access control system, which is a system that authenticates and authorizes only approved persons to enter the secured premises--which could be a house, office or building.

Adventus provides all kinds of door access control systems with top-notch cyber security protection, along with a 24/7 support team, to provide security and peace of mind to our partners and clients.

Types Of Door Access Control Systems

Door access systems can be configured with different features and authentication capabilities. These can range from entry using entered data (such as pattern recognition, RFID tag scanning, or card and PIN access) to biometric (such as human face recognition (HFR), heat signature detection, or fingerprint authentication)

The latest models released during the COVID pandemic even sport automatic temperature screening and mask detection capabilities. Many of these systems also come with encryption to ensure that no one can hack and access the registration data, for the purposes of gaining illicit entry.

While the choice of what authentication and additional features fall to the client, design, implementation, installation and maintenance should be handled by reliable professionals, such as our expert team here at Adventus.

  • Fingerprint Authentication

One of the most common kinds of door access systems is fingerprint authentication. This works using an optical sensor, which is combined with a microcontroller that permits the ridges of a human finger to be registered, imaged, and then eventually compared to the archived image for authentication.

  • Human Face Recognition Authentication

HFR-equipped door access control systems work on pretty much the same principle, though with more advanced technology. In this system, a camera is used along with an OpenCV (Open Computer Vision) module to parse, register, and recognize human faces, and authenticate them by comparing them dynamically with the archived facial image.

Why Is It Important To Choose A Good Door Access Control System?

Door access control systems are an indispensable factor in today's technologically advanced environment, where certain assets, resources or people need to be protected from various threats and hazards.

An advanced security system is needed to provide the assurance of safety that is typically indicated by the term "security", and one of the most basic lines of defense in such a system is the door. As typical visitors (and most intruders) would gain entry to a secure location through the door, a good door access control system would already provide a large measure of detection and prevention.

How To Choose A Good Door Access Control System?

Nowadays, many kinds of door access control systems are available, but the point is to choose the best one among the many in the market. There are so many combinations of authentication methods on the market, many of which rely on complex working mechanisms and code on the back-end, especially those with more intelligence (and hence security reliability) and capabilities. Many of these systems also need to connect and integrate with other security devices, as well as any management software in use by the client. These also add another layer of networking complexity.

With the increasing complication in door access control systems, choosing a good one isn't just about features, but also reliability and security.

When picking your door security system, you need to not only look at features, but also at the support that comes with it, be it cyber security, regular updates and patching, as well as maintenance. There's no point in getting a system that isn't working at 100% most of the time, or which has vulnerabilities that negate its purpose.

Simply put, you should be choosing companies first before choosing models, to assure yourself of a baseline of reliability and proven success that you can depend on, before going into the details, like features and capabilities. Ensure you're getting a system from a company that provides reliable back-end support and constant updates to keep your premises protected without downtime.

Why Choose Adventus For Door Access Control System Solutions?

At Adventus, our mission is to provide smart systems around the world that provide the all-round digital security that's so important these days. Door access control systems, as one of the linchpins of any physical security system, are certainly part of it.

Adventus provides support for almost any kind of door lock system, particularly smart door lock technologies such as biometric scanning and facial recognition, for example.

Besides providing fast, reliable installation and support for our quality door systems, we have also proven ourselves and earned certifications and accolades, such as ISO certifications, in other areas such as IT infrastructure, cyber security, cloud IP telephony, and smart surveillance, providing you with a total digital defense that's both secure and secured from vulnerability.

Our certified expertise and excellence in quality management, business continuity management, and information security management have earned us the trust of numerous well-known companies and major brands around the world, such as UnionPay, Bank of America, Standard Chartered, Deloitte, DHL, and many more.

Besides the trust of numerous venerable brands, our expertise with all-round smart digital security has also led to numerous accolades that recognize Adventus' pre-eminent position in technology and security. Adventus has been awarded the Best IT Services Provider in the Singapore National Business Awards for four years running.

In a rapidly evolving world, even simple things like door access control need to grow increasingly sophisticated and powerful. For the best door access control systems built on trusted reliability in the market today, speak to us at Adventus today.

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