Embracing 24/7 Efficiency: Simplify Your Business with Future-Proof Cloud Print Solutions

The pandemic has changed the way we work, moving from the traditional office to remote setups, and now a combination of both, known as hybrid. This transition demands a fresh perspective on printing, characterized by the need for enhanced security, adaptability, and efficient management.

This seismic change in how a business operates has made printing more than just a process to reproduce text and images but also needs to safeguard sensitive information while producing copies in different forms and to different channels fast, one that traditional print servers cannot do.


4 Disadvantages of Traditional Print Servers:

  • The costs are high for both hardware and software, as well as requiring a lot of manpower for its operation and maintenance
  • Requires manual installation and deployment of individual print drivers and allocation of print queues
  • Companies are constrained by a finite number of available traditional print servers
  • Companies are required to deploy more than one print server to avoid a single point of failure with on-premises solutions, which makes it redundant

The modern business environment requires modern solutions. The cumbersome, limited and time-consuming traditional print servers are no longer capable of meeting the ever-changing needs of modern business. Organizations looking to future-proof their business might find deploying a cloud print server to be in their best interests.

5 Benefits of Cloud Print Server:

  • Quick Deployment: Installing and launching a cloud print server is fast and easy. No changes will be required to the existing print environment
  • 24/7 Automatic Updates: Fixes and new features are available instantly as cloud-based software is automatically updated
  • Variety of User Authentication: Cloud print solutions offer a range of options for user authentication, including a combination of user login, pin codes, ID cards, hardware card readers, and smartphone web applications
  • Strong Document Security: The documents in the cloud solution server remain secure on the local network
  • Flexibility and Scalability: Easily add or remove printers and users based on changing needs, without concerns about capacity or performance constraints. Furthermore, you can conveniently access your printers and print tasks from any location or device, provided you have an active internet connection.

Knowing the importance of an efficient printing experience in a business, it is therefore vital for any business to utilize a cutting-edge cloud print server solution, preferably one that is managed by a trusted Managed Print Services provider.

We recommend businesses to migrate to the cloud and start engaging a trusted Managed Print Services provider that offers a seamless transition while future-proofing any end-of-life issues. Designed to revolutionize your printing workflow, Adventus’ Cloud Print Solutions can empower you to optimize your printing processes and unlock a world of benefits.

This serverless architecture removes physical print servers from your network, alleviating IT burden and establishing a secure, cloud-managed print infrastructure for modern cloud printing. Cloud Print Solutions is highly effective for companies seeking to streamline their printing operations to adapt and prosper in this new norm.

The 5 Advantages of Our Cloud Print Solutions:

  1. Enhanced Accessibility – No more location-based printing restrictions!
    With our Cloud Print Server, your organization can print documents securely from any device, anywhere in the world. Whether they are in the office, working remotely, or on the go, your employees can easily send print jobs to your networked printers.
  2. Streamlined Management – Simplify Cloud Print Server administration and reduce IT burden.
    Our Cloud Print Server enables centralized management of your print environment, providing you with a user-friendly web interface to monitor and control printing tasks. Enjoy effortless printer setup, driver management, and convenient access to print queues.
  3. Secure Document Printing – Protect sensitive information with advanced security features.
    Our Cloud Print Solutions ensure secure transmission of print jobs and offers various authentication options to prevent unauthorized access. You can establish user permissions and monitor printing activities, ensuring document confidentiality and compliance.
  4. Cost Savings – Reduce your infrastructure and maintenance costs.
    By leveraging our Cloud Print Solutions, you can eliminate the need for dedicated print servers, print management software, and associated hardware. Additionally, you can optimize printer usage, track usage patterns and reduce waste, leading to substantial cost savings. The streamlined print management processes and automated features contribute to improved efficiency and productivity for both IT administrators and end-users.
  5. Scalability and Flexibility – Our Cloud Print Server can scale seamlessly to accommodate your growing business needs.
    Whether you have a single office or a multinational enterprise, our solutions are designed to adapt to your needs. Add or remove printers easily, and enjoy hassle-free expansion without disruptions. It also enables mobile printing capabilities, allowing users to print from their smartphones or tablets, enhancing productivity and convenience.


In summary, its unique features shine through its utilization of cloud-based strategies, streamlined deployment and administration, emphasis on security and mobile printing, along the potential to achieve both cost savings and increased efficiency in print management.

Why Choose Adventus as Your Managed Print Services Provider?

Adventus stands out as a trusted and dependable managed print services provider. With a wealth of industry experience, Adventus has earned a distinguished reputation for delivering prompt and impactful assistance to businesses of all scales. Our team of experts possesses an extensive understanding of a wide array of IT challenges, capable of seamlessly handling tasks ranging from routine maintenance to complex technical issues. Moreover, Adventus excels in crafting tailor-made solutions finely tuned to match the unique requirements of each client. Embracing an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and a steadfast commitment to exceptional service quality, Adventus emerges as the prime selection for enterprises in search of premier managed print services. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for further details!

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