Tips for Selecting a Good Door Access Control System

What is a Door Access Control System?

Door access control systems are a smart form of physical security which uses digital and electronic components to protect buildings. It is very efficient, reliable, cost-effective and convenient in ensuring the entry of only authorized persons into the premises and protecting against any form of unauthorized entry like robbery, vandalism, and other trespassing incidents.

Door access control systems are not only used to authorize entry into the premises but also to restrict entry internally, so as to protect companies' confidential resources from access by unauthorized employees.

An organization’s assets and resources can be managed efficiently and reliably through the implementation of door access control systems. Resources and assets of both smaller applications and sensitive nature can be protected easily and with confidence. Modern access control systems not only allow employees and users for entry or outgoing but also keep records of the timing, frequency and amount of users entered or left through the door.

With a plethora of brands, systems, and providers on the market, how do you pick a good door access control system for your premises? In this article, we'll look at why, in the first place, you don't just need any system, but specifically a good one, and then share with you some useful tips on how to look out for the access control system for your company's needs.

Benefits Of A Good Door Access Control System:

  1. Higher Security

    Door access control systems are more secure as compared to traditional locking systems due to digital electronic systems. These door locks are connected to recognition software which keeps unauthorized persons away and with an additional layer of camera surveillance no one with bad intentions can enter the premises.

  2. Personal Access

    The access control system is personalized which means that it can define limits for each person individually and limit his access privileges accordingly. These limits can be easily and quickly updated according to an individual’s hierarchy in the organization.

    Through this system, different visitors can also be directed to their designated reporting offices or reception desk for further consultation.

  3. Access Timing

    Certain staff members can be allowed in at specific timings in the premises and specific locations in an organization. For instance, the janitor staff are allowed when other staff members are not on duty, and all this happens through an automated and customized updated system.

  4. Keyless System

    As compared to the traditional entry or access models, the personnel using door access control systems do not have to bother about using any keys. Instead, they can use smarter and more elegant unlocking systems driven by fingerprints, smart cards, mobile phones or facial recognition.

    Users of modern access control systems also do not have to worry about losing a key, which in traditional systems might mean a whole lock needs to be replaced if there was no duplicate.

    Another important and useful benefit of a door access control system is that the system keeps check on who has entered through and who has left the premises along with the timings, which is obviously not possible with a traditional lock.

  5. Contactless System

    Another positive aspect of access control systems is that they can be contactless. This means that there is no physical contact between the workers or users and the machine. For instance, in the tag reader system, the user shows a tag code to the camera which allows the user through the door. Through facial recognition, the member who is registered in the system is allowed through the door when the camera recognizes his face from afar. This is very helpful in situations like these when people are observing social distancing due to Covid, contactless door access control systems can play a vital role.


Tips for Selecting A Good Door Access Control System:

  1. Choose A System That Makes Life Easier, Not Harder

    In choosing a good system, you should bear in mind that the features and operation of such a system should improve the lives and work of your staff, not make it harder or less pleasant.

    For instance, in this pandemic period, a system that reduces the contact of your access control staff with visitors and keeps them safe is more desirable, and you should select your system's characteristics accordingly.

    These systems should also not be more of a hassle to use than the system that preceded it, unless there is now a need for an increased level of security.

  2. Choose A System That Can Integrate With HR Software

    Door access control systems are very useful touchpoints for monitoring the ingress and egress of all visitors. As such, they can also be used to track the movements of staff, and eliminate the need for manual clocking in and out or attendance.

    However, for your door access control system to do this, you will need to ensure you get one that can integrate with your HR software for attendance and clocking purposes, and which can also generate the requisite management reports for the reference of the necessary departments.

  3. Choose A Dependable Provider

    The door access control system you choose is one thing, but what's even more important is the provider you engage and depend on to install these systems, keep them updated and keep them working with minimal downtime, ensuring maximum security for your premises.


Choosing Adventus For Door Access Control System Solutions

Adventus is experienced in dealing with all kinds of door access systems discussed above. Adventus also provides wireless and IoT-based lock systems and also software and hardware devices installation. Adventus' expert team can install a user choice system along with full back-up support and encrypted security protection, as well as 24/7 monitoring and service support.

Choosing a good door access control system is integral to the well-being and security of your business and its staff. With these helpful tips and the proven benefits of investing in a good system, the process just got a great deal easier. All you have to do is get in touch with us today.

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