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LEWA-Nikkiso Singapore is part of the LEWA-Nikkiso Group, a leading global manufacturer of diaphragm and process pumps, metering systems and packages for the oil and gas industries.


The Challenge

With only about 45 IT users, LEWA-Nikkiso Singapore did not have the critical mass to run a dedicated internal IT team. Hence, the company outsourced the management of its IT systems and IT support for end-users to a technology services provider.
Unfortunately, LEWA-Nikkiso Singapore’s experience with this technology services provider was far from satisfactory due to the following reasons:

  • Frequent issues with their applications and systems

  • Root causes to issues were not rectified

  • Slow response to issues and requests

  • Expensive quotations for additional requests

  • Difficulties in rolling out IT projects initiated by their global headquarters in Germany

  • Poor support for end-users of IT systems and applications

  • Lack of proper incident and work reporting

  • Lack of IT documentation

  • Lack of pro-active system maintenance

  • Lack of pro-active recommendations for technology enhancements

  • Lack of understanding of their business processes

  • Lack of activity and performance reports

All these compelled LEWA-Nikkiso Singapore to look for a trusted IT partner who could manage their IT environment pro-actively and competently.


The Process

Three months before the expiry of the service contract with the existing service provider, LEWA-Nikkiso Singapore set out to look for a new replacement. They came up with stringent selection criteria to ensure that their needs would be well-served by the new service provider.

“We were looking for a one-stop integrated solution to manage all the company’s IT needs; from troubleshooting to problem-solving and maintenance,” said Rina Bay, LEWA-Nikkiso Singapore’s HR Manager.

Following an initial meeting with LEWA-Nikkiso Singapore, the team of consultants from Adventus Singapore took the following approach to produce a comprehensive winning proposal:


Step 1:

Obtained a clear understanding of LEWA-Nikkiso Singapore’s vision, business and processes

Step 2:

Analysed end-users’ needs and wants

Step 3:

Evaluated the state of their current IT systems

Step 4:

Conducted a thorough IT audit

Step 5:

Produced a comprehensive report

Step 6:

Developed an IT management strategy and solution


The Solutions

Adventus Singapore understood Lewa-Nikkiso Singapore’s need for readily available professional IT expertise that would “function” like an internal IT department.

Under Adventus’ IT Support (Outsourcing) Services, Adventus would provide LEWA-Nikkiso Singapore with this integrated suite of IT services:

  • Level 1 IT helpdesk support for end-users
    LEWA-Nikkiso Singapore’s IT end-users could call Adventus helpdesk directly for any IT issues. The Adventus team of professional and well-trained IT engineers would employ remote access technologies to resolve IT issues expediently without the need of being on-site. Adventus’ advanced ticketing and case tracking system would track all issues logged and provide constant status updates.

  • Level 2 On-Site IT support
    An Adventus IT engineer would go on-site within a mutually agreed upon response time to resolve any IT issues that could not be resolved remotely.

  • Structured IT Infrastructure Maintenance Services
    A structured maintenance programme comprising of the scope of service, standard operating procedures and rigorous quality control procedures would be put in place for all IT systems at LEWA-Nikkiso Singapore to maximize uptime and minimize human errors.

  • IT Infrastructure Monitoring Services
    Adventus would monitor LEWA-Nikkiso Singapore’s IT systems religiously so as to resolve any disruptions and potential issues immediately and proactively.

  • IT Staff Augmentation (Consultation & Global Alliance)
    Adventus would assign a dedicated IT engineer to LEWA-Nikkiso Singapore to be on-site periodically and to provide IT consultation to all IT end-users and liaise with the IT team at their German headquarters for global alignment and project rollouts.

  • IT Documentation
    There would be extensive documentation, timely updates and structural storage of all IT systems, laptops and desktops.

  • Periodic Management Reports
    LEWA-Nikkiso Singapore’s management team would receive incident, performance and usage reports periodically.

  • Fixed Monthly Service Fee
    Adventus would charge LEWA-Nikkiso Singapore a fixed monthly fee for all services provided.



  • Enhanced infrastructure reliability
    Structured IT maintenance and religious monitoring of LEWA-Nikkiso Singapore’s servers, network and systems have created an IT environment that is reliable, efficient and secure. Applications are now running without a hitch.
    “Adventus’ ability to provide a structured approach in managing our IT infrastructure convinced us that they are a reliable vendor who can manage all our IT needs effectively,” said Rina Bay, LEWA-Nikkiso Singapore’s HR Manager.

  • Faster response and issue resolution
    The Adventus help desk was competent in diagnosing and resolving 90% of IT issues remotely within 10 minutes. For IT issues that could not be resolved remotely, Adventus IT engineers were on-site within two hours for desk-side troubleshooting.
    “The Adventus IT help desk was fast, efficient and proactive, and were able to resolve most of our IT problems remotely. They would usually pick up the call within 10 seconds. Anyone on the IT team could address your issue and you don’t get transferred from one person to another,” added LEWA-Nikkiso Singapore’s HR Manager.

  • Full performance visibility
    The advanced ticketing and case tracking system ensured that all IT issues were efficiently managed with timely status updates. Activity, performance and usage reports provided LEWA-Nikkiso Singapore’s management team with a high-level view of their service usage and Adventus’ performance level.

  • Improved efficiency through new technology initiatives
    Adventus’ consultative approach and solid understanding of LEWA-Nikkiso Singapore’s business have forged a close partnership that enabled Adventus to embark on and deliver new technology initiatives that enhanced the productivity of the client’s workforce.

  • Service continuity and consistency
    The systematic and comprehensive approach to IT documentation facilitated the effective transfer of knowledge and learning which ensured service continuity and consistency.

  • Effective execution of Global IT directions
    Adventus’ experienced team of IT engineers have successfully executed the directions of LEWA-Nikkiso Singapore’s global IT team by rolling out many IT projects in Singapore expediently, effectively and efficiently.
    “Adventus IT engineers are knowledgeable and they delivered a high standard of service and expertise,” said Rina Bay, LEWA-Nikkiso Singapore’s HR Manager.


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