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KOI keeps Taiwan’s heritage of premium bubble tea alive with consistently controlled quality and standardized preparation processes. As a dedicated, service oriented enterprise that loves sharing, KOI vows not only to make tea-tasting a pleasant experience, but also to turn Taiwanese teas into a global heritage by introducing our beverages to everyone. 

First established in 2008, KOI is best known for its authentic Taiwanese Milk Tea with Pearls.  The dream of travelling around the world has inspired the founder to bring teas with her on every overseas trip to places like Hawaii, Tokyo and Australia, as away from home made her craving for authentic Home-Made Taiwanese Tea.   


The Challenge

KOI’s business has grown significantly within a short span of time. As the business grows and headcount increases, they have realized that they need to evolve their IT environment to cope with the business growth.

1. Distributed Storage of Business Data in Individual Computers Impedes Collaboration Amongst Employees

With business data being stored locally in individual computers, file sharing was cumbersome, inefficient and unsecured.

2.    No Backup Solution for Business Data

There was no backup of business data in the individual computers. In the event of computer failures or misplacement of laptops, business data would be lost.

3.    High Risk File Sharing Solution 

Information and sensitive business data was not shared securely, KOI was exposed to the risk of their critical business data being exposed and stolen. There was no audit trail nor access control. 

4.    Network Vulnerable to External Intrusion 

There were limited control over the utilization of the Company’s internet bandwidth. The lack of perimeter security for internet access put KOI at a risk of unauthorized access into their environment. 

5.    Inadequate IT Support

With the rapid growth of the company, the number of computer users have increased rapidly as well.  There is a high demand for IT support but not enough for the company to be hiring a full-time IT personnel.

Mr. Kyle Huang, PMO Manager of KOI, is determined to overcome these challenges so as to improve the business processes and way of working to keep the company moving forward. 


The Process

  • A clear understanding of the company’s direction and the results that they wished to achieve were identified. KOI wanted to protect their intellectual property and to prevent any loss of data due to negligence or intentional deletion. 
  • The workflow process for centralized secured access were mapped out and understood by both KOI and Adventus Team. 
  • Adventus Team did a thorough evaluation of the current IT environment and identified all the security vulnerabilities that could put the business at risk. 



The Solutions

  • Implementation of Windows Domain Environment

    A windows domain environment which connects all user accounts, computers, printers and other security principals under a central database was set up. All files would be kept on the server and connected to the user's session automatically when he or she logs in to any computers. 

  • Implementation of Company-wide File Sharing System

    To enhance the security of information sharing, a company-wide file sharing system was created for the employees to share the business data and sensitive information in a more secured to prevent the risk of sensitive data being exposed to unauthorized personnel. 

  • Deployment of Firewall to Improve Network Security

    A comprehensive firewall solution that provides high-performance network security appliance which includes intrusion prevention, application and user visibility, SSL inspection, and unknown threat detection was installed. This would keep the computers safe and block intrusion attempts from hackers. 

  • Implementation of Backup Solution

    Backup solutions was also implemented to ensure the business can restore data effectively in the event of disaster. KOI’s database, files, and applications was backed up with maximum efficiency accordingly to the data type.  

  • Provision of IT Manpower for IT Troubleshooting

    Adventus provided Staff Augmentation and Level 1 IT Helpdesk and Remote Support to help KOI overcome the problem of inadequate IT support that was faced by the users. The support includes upgrades, system implementation, periodic maintenance and general IT administration work.

    KOI could now gain round the clock (24/7) access to Adventus team of highly skilled professionals and well trained IT Helpdesk Engineers for fast resolution of all IT issues remotely.  



  • Achieved Centralized Administration 
    With the centralized administration, user can log on to any workstation and access domain resources. There would not be any loss of data in the event of a single computer crash.

  • Good Collaboration Amongst Employees
    The smooth IT infrastructure enables employees to finish important projects and meet crucial deadlines more efficiently than before. A good collaboration was formed amongst the employees which enhances job satisfactions. 

  • Data Recovery in the Event of a Disaster
    In the event where there is a machine or hardware failure, or files being accidentally deleted, KOI can recover its business data fast and still operate normally with its effective backup system in place.  

  • Safe & Secure File Sharing Environment
    With the implementation of a secured and centralized file sharing system, the employees can now share the business information and sensitive data in a more secured environment. 

  • Tighter Network Security
    The firewall decreases the risk of malicious activities that are directed towards enterprise servers and the malicious activity directed towards enterprise workstations. The management can now dictate exactly what the computers on their network are able to send and receive from the different sources. 

  • No Delays in IT Support 
    In the event where the business systems or solutions experience glitches, IT support is available timely. With the IT problems being taken care of, KOI will experience lesser delays in the function and processes of the business.

With in-depth knowledge and experience in IT security and a comprehensive range of IT support services, Adventus has proven to be a valuable business partner to KOI in support of our rapid business growth, says Mr. Kyle Huang, PMO Manager of KOI Thé Singapore Pte. Ltd 

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