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The Singapore branch of PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) TBK has been operation in the city-state since 1955. It is the only Indonesian bank providing full banking services in Singapore.


The Challenge

Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) Singapore’s Information Technology (IT) department of PT had faced a monumental challenge: how to manage the bank’s collection of printers and copiers from different manufacturers, monitor the inventory of different branded toners – and respond expediently to staff’s requests for toner replacement.

The bank’s lean IT department were managing as many as seven different models of printers, copiers and toners at any one time. The IT team were so busy with micro-managing and troubleshooting the multiple copiers and printers that they had little time left for strategic IT work.


The Process

Adventus Singapore had a meeting with BNI Singapore’s IT team. Following the meeting, Adventus carried out a thorough print audit and discovered that staff at BNI Singapore were using different printer and copier models from a number of manufacturers.

Because of heavy document usage, equipment breakdowns were common and toners had to be changed regularly. Staff were dissatisfied with the long waiting time for new toners and the IT department were inundated with requests for toner replacement and equipment maintenance.

Adventus designed a managed print solution aimed at reducing time and cost, enhancing productivity, eliminating staff complaints and improving the efficacy of the print and copier machines.


The Solutions

Adventus Singapore proposed a managed print solution which Chan Kheng Lim, IT Director of BNI Singapore, found “too compelling not to accept.” Under this proposal, Adventus would:

  • Replace all legacy (old and soon-to-be-obsolete) printers and copiers with the latest using only one singular brand – Hewlett Packard. All network printers and individual printers would be standardised under one manufacturer, leading to significant cost-savings

  • Manage the early termination of the remaining lease arrangements with various vendors on behalf of BNI Singapore

  • Take over BNI Singapore’s existing printers and copiers, and reimburse the bank the cost of equipment that is still of good working condition

  • Manage the supply of printer and copier toners on behalf of BNI Singapore; thus, freeing its IT department from the tedious tasks of answering staff requests, raising purchase orders, and contacting different vendors for toner replacement

  • Install and configure the shared network printers and copiers for BNI Singapore

  • Perform regular technical maintenance of BNI Singapore’s printers and copiers

  • Provide practical training on how to use the new printers and copiers for the bank’s employees



BNI Singapore decided to sign an agreement with Adventus Singapore to manage the bank’s entire fleet of printers and copiers. Benefits of Adventus’ Managed Print Services:

  • Zero staff complaints
    This is the most visible result of the streamlined managed print solution which Adventus Singapore has implemented for BNI Singapore.
    "All staff requests for toner replacement and printer or copier maintenance were directed to a service hotline. The toners would be replaced within two hours. Since the implementation of this new managed print solution, we have not received any staff complaints," says Mr Chan Kheng Lim, IT Director of BNI Singapore.

  • Focus on business, not printers or copiers
    BNI Singapore’s IT department is freed from the hassle of managing printers and copiers. The lean team can now focus on strategic projects.

  • No more hassle of inventory management
    Monitoring the inventory levels of toners from different manufacturers and ensuring they arrive on time to meet staff’s needs is a time-consuming process. With Adventus’ managed print services, inventory management is handed over to Adventus.

Extending Adventus’ services following good outcomes

So pleased was BNI Singapore with Adventus Singapore’s fast and efficient service in optimising its print environment that the bank decided to streamline its PCs as well - with Adventus’ Desktop Management Services.

Under this arrangement, the Adventus’ IT team were tasked to install, configure, maintain, troubleshoot, and perform data migration from the bank’s existing PCs to new PCs.

I was very impressed and satisfied with Adventus Singapore's procactive service. It was fast and efficient. Adventus' managed print services freed the IT department from the time-consuming task of replacing toners from multiple vendors, and helped to reduce print-related costs by about 20%. We decided to hand over the technical management of our PCs to Adventus as well, says Chan Kheng Lim, IT Director, BNI Singapore


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