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Tractors Singapore Limited

Tractors Singapore Limited (TSL) is the leading equipment dealer in Singapore. They are committed to offer continual quality improvement and customer satisfaction with their full range of services from sales, rental, and parts to service support.


The Challenge

With over five decades of experience in the heavy equipment and power systems industries, TSL makes use of a wide range of IT solutions and services to keep their operations going smoothly and efficiently. However, this vast IT environment exposed the company to the following challenges:

Managing Multiple Brands and Vendors
TSL had a separate vendor for their phones, IT infrastructure and was also using copiers and printers from a mixture of brands. A lot of time was spent on communication and management of the multiple vendors for troubleshooting and support. It was also cost-prohibitive to establish rapport with the different vendors, with initial set up costs incurred with each of them.

Providing Clear and Actionable Reports
With their current multi-branded print environment with multiple vendors, there was little to none accountability in terms of print usage breakdown, outgoing / incoming call breakdown and tracking of IT issues faced. This made it difficult to measure the internal objectives and to provide accurate figures to their management.

Building a Flexible and Scalable IT Environment
TSL is constantly expanding, with a quality policy to continually seek to improve processes and business effectiveness as their guiding principle. They needed an IT vendor that is flexible and able to keep up with their demands, regardless of the size or location.

Improving Phone Users’ Satisfaction
TSL was using normal analog phones, which only had basic calling functions and no display screens. They also used a common extension, with one line shared among a couple of users.


The Process

A diagnosis was performed to establish whether there was a need for TSL to improve its existing IT environment, together with an identification of the objective assessment of TSL’s business requirements. This enabled Adventus to better understand TSL’s daily business operations, the type of printing, phone and other IT requirements of the company, and evaluate the importance of each of the IT components within the company structure.

Based on the above, Adventus produced a comprehensive report that incorporated a comparison between the performance and cost of the proposed and existing IT environment.


The Solutions

  • Adventus as Tractor’s One Single Trusted Service Provider
    TSL’s entire IT environment will now have a single point of accountability, with Adventus as a single point of contact. This results in many benefits for TSL, such as fewer devices to manage, standardize, lower costs, budget consolidation and improved productivity, with only one consolidated invoice to pay.

    This All-in-One package includes the following integrated suite of IT services:
     • Managed Print Solution
     • Free hardware replacement for all hardware failure (Phones)
     • Free remote MACD (Move, Add, Change and Delete)
  • Guaranteed Adventus Service Level Agreement & Management Reporting
    With a defined Service Level Agreement (SLAs) that clearly outlines the performance standards that Adventus is obliged to meet, performance metrics are established along with timely and accurate monthly reports. These reports keep TSL regularly updated on Adventus’ performance and serves as a guide on how to better improve the services.
  • IT Remote Monitoring Services  
    Adventus also employs remote monitoring tools, allowing us to constantly monitor TSL’s IT systems and resolve any disruptions or potential issues immediately and proactively.
  • Technology Refresh for End-User Phone Devices
    End-user phone devices used in TSL are upgraded to the latest technologies. Instead of having one extension shared among multiple users, they now have a virtual extension. This ensures that users constantly have access to devices that work flawlessly and are up to date.


  • Single Point of Contact
    With Adventus as TSL’s single point of contact, users at TSL only need to call one number or write to a single email address for all their IT, print and phone needs. We have hence provided them with a one-stop solution for any of the IT services that Adventus provides.

  • Improved Performance Insights
    Thanks to the advanced ticketing and case tracking system, the Adventus team gets a bird’s eye-view of TSL’s IT environment and all IT issues. This results in reduced wastages as TSL is now able to track the usage breakdown by user and by department. There is also better management of their IT issues as Adventus ensures that all open tickets and cases are followed up regularly.

  • Enhanced Infrastructure Reliability
    With a monthly subscription fee, TSL’s infrastructure receives a monthly maintenance, based on a customized checklist specific to TSL. TSL now has a secure, reliable and efficient IT environment due to the continuous monitoring of TSL’s systems, network, and servers together with the structured IT maintenance. User’s productivity has improved, with the improved uptime of their servers and applications running without a hitch.

  • Better Phone Users’ Satisfaction
    With the upgrade to the latest technology, TSL’s phone users enjoyed the following benefits:
     • Reduced wiring and scalability with virtual extensions
     • Mobility with the introduction of softphones
     • Significant cost savings on phone calls
     • Ease of installation and configuration of IP Phones

  • Cost Savings
    The payment of full retail price for the toners, phones, servers, and machines by TSL was replaced with a low monthly fee instead, and all print devices was streamlined with lesser brands, with immediate response to fix and address technical issues are provided at no additional costs. Additionally, any issues caused by inefficient devices will be addressed by the Adventus technicians during the quarterly preventive maintenance.
    By working with Adventus, TSL not only got a revamp on their devices, but also managed to achieve a total cost savings of around 20% on their IT environment.

With Adventus being our single point of contact for all our IT and print related needs, I can now focus on other tasks at hand. The excellent service delivery standards provided by Adventus have also proved that they are reliable, and this has taken a load off my shoulder at work.
says Mr Ho Chun Wee, IT & Security Manager

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