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Toyota Motor Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

As a regional office of Toyota, Toyota Motor Asia Pacific Pte Ltd manages manufacturing companies, finance companies and distributors which deal with passenger cars, commercial vehicles, automobile parts and accessories in Asia.

Since its foundation, Toyota has acted in accordance with its Guiding Principles to produce reliable vehicles and the sustainable development of society through ever-changing innovation and the provision of high-quality products and services. Hence, performing in global markets while contributing to the betterment of communities.


The Challenge

Lockdowns and work-from-home arrangements as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic necessitated the IT management team at Toyota to redesign and revamp the traditional support strategies employed to support their 800 computer end-users. Toyota needed a new support model that was able to see them through the pandemic but still relevant after it.

1.    More IT manpower required
With computer users working from home suddenly, cases and service requests surged while IT teams rushed to reconfigure systems to adjust to a slew of new business needs sprouting up overnight. When on-site engineers fell ill or were quarantined, more IT manpower resources were required to take their place.

2.    Further strain on resources when engineers fell ill or were quarantined
When engineers fell ill or were quarantined, they were usually out of action for a prolonged period of time, causing further strain to the already heavily stretched resources.

3.    Shortage of IT professionals in the market
Companies of all sizes were all in need of additional IT manpower resources and began hiring aggressively while many foreign IT professionals decided to return home causing a huge shortage of IT professionals in Singapore.

4.    Support needed beyond office hours
Many computer users were working longer hours and needed support beyond normal office hours.


The Solutions

After weighing different options and evaluating proposals from technology partners, a decision was made to outsource Toyota’s IT End-User Support to Adventus.

  • 24x7 Remote Helpdesk
    All IT end-users’ service requests were channelled to Adventus’ award winning, professional, cost-effective and capable helpdesk that provides first level troubleshooting and fulfilment. Adventus handles the manpower required to man the helpdesk to ensure that users’ needs are promptly met, and issues are expediently resolved.
  • Full-Time On-site IT Staff Augmentation with Backfill
    Adventus stationed IT engineers on-site at Toyota’s offices. On-site engineers were still essential even though most computer users were working from home. Issues or service requests that were not able to be resolved remotely were routed to the on-site engineers. However, with the helpdesk resolving the bulk of the cases remotely, the number of on-site engineers required has reduced significantly.

    Trained backfill IT engineers take the places of the primary engineers when they are not available for any reason (medical leave, annual leave, quarantine, etc) to ensure that Toyota has the same number of engineers ready to serve its users on any given workday.
  • Designated Service Delivery Manager
    A designated Adventus service delivery manager with reporting and management responsibilities is assigned to Toyota as a main liaison to the Toyota IT management team to ensure that key service delivery metrics are met, and Toyota is in control of service outcomes.
  • Adventus ServiceNow Ticketing System & Workflows
    Toyota leveraged Adventus’s ServiceNow Ticketing System to:
    1. Log all cases and service requests
    2. Build a knowledge base
    3. Provide insights into issues, trends and requests
    4. Gain service level performance
    5. Quickly and expediently roll out new digitized workflows to cater to the new work processes and business needs
  • Adventus Call Centre Management Solution
    Toyota leveraged Adventus’s Call Centre Management Solution to:
    1. Handle and route all incoming calls efficiently
    2. Create tickets automatically in ServiceNow
    3. Manage engineers’ performances
    4. Gain insights into computer end-users’ call trends
    5. Generate service performance reports
  • Adventus Suite of Remote Support Tools
    Toyota leveraged Adventus’s suite of remote support tools to provide secure and effective remote support to their computer end-users.


  • Reliable, Continuous Support with No interruption

  • Better End-User Experience and Faster Resolution

  • Access to the Diverse Expertise of a Big Team with specialization across multiple IT disciplines

  • 24/7 Support

  • Access to state-of-the-art systems and tools

  • Clear performance visibility

  • Insights into IT end-user trends and issues

  • Scalability

  • Management control

Toyota's guiding principle has always been Mobility for ALL, and having Adventus as a fantastic partner in recent years has helped Toyota realize this even more. With their relentless and accommodating services, we were able to successfully realize the concept of "Flexible Work Mobility" thus we could effectively Move Your World.
says Mr Muliady Ciptrowijoyo, General Manager of Toyota Motor Asia Pacific

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