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Rityrwhitt Pte. Ltd. (Rucksack Inn)

Rucksack Inn is a charming lodging facility that provides simple, yet comfortable, accommodation options for backpackers in Singapore. They provide air-conditioned dormitory rooms with private lockers and comfortable beds. With its favourable location, guests of Rucksack Inn can conveniently explore the city of Singapore with an ease of mind, without worrying about incurring high accommodation expenses.


The Challenge

As Rucksack Inn grew and expanded over the years, it established another entity within Singapore. Each Rucksack Inn entity had its own surveillance system, and they faced the following challenges:

1.    Limited Access to Surveillance Systems
Even though the surveillance systems between their two entities were of the same brand, Rucksack Inn discovered that the systems were not linked and could not communicate with each other. This meant that the relevant personnel at the Corporate Office (HQ) were unable to view the CCTV footage of the specific hostels. To do so, they would have to make a trip down there.

2.    Limited CCTV Capabilities
Downloading the footage from their existing surveillance system proved to be a challenge for Rucksack Inn. There were also concerns about the clarity of the CCTV footage.

3.    Need for Better CCTV Coverage
As with hotels, hostels also have their own set of rules and regulations for guests to abide by. Examples include smoking in a non-smoking area and bringing unregistered guests to the room. Rucksack Inn noticed that guests were breaking the rules and regulations by exploiting their CCTV blind spots.

4.    Lack of Support from Current Vendor
Little to no technical support was provided by their current vendor. After the installation of the cameras and door access readers, no assistance was provided in terms of configuration and post-sales support. As a result, the surveillance systems were not properly and efficiently configured.


The Big Decision

Rucksack Inn took a big step in deciding to do a major overhaul. This included revamping and renovating its entities, and redesigning its layouts. This change also covered a more open-concept design of the hostels.


The Solution

In order to avoid facing similar challenges as before, Rucksack Inn consulted Adventus during its revamping process. Adventus reviewed and analyzed their floor plans, and provided recommendations on the number of surveillance cameras required, as well as the specific location points to install these cameras, so as to maximize the view and security coverage.

In addition, Adventus assisted to integrate their Surveillance System and Door Access System into a single platform. This helped maximize efficiency.

Furthermore, IP Cameras and Door Access Solutions were proposed. An Internet Protocol Camera or IP Camera is a digital-based video camera that receives control data and resends image data via an IP network.



Through the solutions above, Adventus was able to address the challenges faced, and Rucksack Inn can now reap the following benefits:

  • Easy Access to New Surveillance Systems
    With the introduction of IP Cameras to Rucksack Inn’s environment, their management or relevant person-in-charge can now access the surveillance systems remotely. Simple tasks like viewing and instant playback to more advanced tasks like configuration, patching, and even updating, are now at the tip of their fingertips.

    Rucksack Inn’s personnel no longer need to make special trips down to specific entities just to do such tasks. As long as they are connected to the internet, they can view footage anytime and anywhere, even if they are overseas.

  • Improved Surveillance Capabilities
    Along with remote access, Adventus made sure that the new surveillance system is packed with all the necessary and useful features. Rucksack Inn’s personnel can now readily playback and download the surveillance footage at any time. Should there be any incidents of rules and regulations violation, they can easily use surveillance footage as evidence.

  • Better Surveillance Coverage
    Based on the analysis and recommendations provided by Adventus, the surveillance cameras at every Rucksack Inn entity now cover all possible areas. There are no longer any exploitable blind spots.

  • Improved User Satisfaction
    With Adventus Managed Services, Rucksack Inn’s surveillance systems are now constantly being monitored and maintained to ensure minimum downtime. If any issues are faced, Adventus is readily available to provide prompt issue resolution.

    Furthermore, Rucksack Inn now has access to the diverse expertise of a big team of professionals from Adventus. If they need any technical advice or any help in configuration, they can always seek assistance and support from Adventus.

Thanks to Adventus, we now have better surveillance systems and security coverage. The team at Adventus is knowledgeable and reliable. I am really pleased with what they have done for us.
says Ms Samantha Lim, Operations Director of Rityrwhitt Pte. Ltd.

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