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Founded in March 2011, RRJ Capital (“RRJ”) is a global investment firm with a strategic focus in key industries, including healthcare, financial institutions, technology, and logistics. With offices in Singapore and Hong Kong, RRJ’s portfolio companies are diversified across Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States.


The Challenge

Over the years, RRJ has rapidly expanded into many regions. When a company expands abroad so quickly, its different overseas entities will need to have a centralized system to be able to easily communicate with one another. If not, certain challenges will arise. The following are some pain points raised by RRJ before engaging Adventus:

1.    Need for Remote-friendly IT Infrastructure
If a company is only located in 1 country, a local server setup (on-premise) would be sufficient. However, for a global company like RRJ, with entities in more than one country, it would be advantageous to have a remote server setup (on cloud).


2.    Distributed Storage of Business Data Impedes Collaboration Amongst Employees
With different servers hosting different entities in different countries, business data was being stored locally, making file sharing a cumbersome process between different entities.


3.    Need for Remote Collaboration Tools
With employees working from different parts of the world, RRJ wanted to explore the possibility of migrating to Microsoft 365 as there were many potential remote collaborative tools such as Microsoft Teams, Microsoft SharePoint etc.


4.    High Cost – Server Infrastructure
In general, it is rather costly to have an on-premise IT Infrastructure. This is because the costs of the hardware, hardware rack, electricity, cooling system and even the manpower cost needed to maintain and host the server on-premise are all being factored in. Before engaging Adventus, this cost was a concern for RRJ as well.


5.    Single Point of Failure – No High Availability
Having a local server setup (on-premise) has a significant amount of risks:

  • In the event of disasters such as fires, the servers are vulnerable.
  • If one server went down, all the business applications running on that server would stop running (Single Point of Failure).

The Solutions

To address the challenges above, Adventus devised a strategy using Microsoft 365 to move RRJ Capital towards Cloud and to adopt a serverless environment.

Microsoft 365 is an all-rounder suite of apps that focuses on productivity and collaboration, bringing together all existing applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, OneNote, Publisher, Sway, and Access) to be stored on the cloud.


Solutions and services in our strategy for RRJ include:

  • Migration of Email Server – From Local Exchange to Microsoft 365
    RRJ’s email servers were previously hosted by Local Exchange – based on-premises at the company’s location. This means that these servers, including its infrastructure, were managed internally, hence incurring a large upfront investment for the hardware, installation and ensuring the security of the network.
    Adventus was able to offer a solution of migrating these email servers to cloud-based servers, which are based online and are hosted using cloud computing. This enabled RRJ to store all its email data in a safe and secure environment. Cloud-based servers are usually easier and faster to scale because instead of having to add more physical server space, they would just be using more online resources.

  • Migration of File Server – To Microsoft SharePoint
    Similarly, RRJ’s file servers were previously stored on-site. Adventus was able to provide RRJ with Microsoft SharePoint solution, a cloud-based collaboration platform that stores documents and files. In comparison to their existing local file server, SharePoint functions to store documents and files online via cloud, hence enabling users to access the files from anywhere with an internet connection. Additionally, they were able to synchronize their SharePoint files with your computer’s local-based File Explorer, hence allowing easy access to documents without the hassle of having to undergo tedious training to use this platform.

  • Migration of Active Directory (AD) – From Local AD to Azure AD
    An Active Directory (AD) functions as an active database that manages the structure of a company’s users and computers by providing secure authentication and authorization to applications, file services, printers, and other resources on the network.
    Adventus was able to upgrade RRJ’s AD by introducing Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). This platform functions more than just a cloud version of the AD as it provides a secure authentication platform that not only stores the information regarding users and groups but also provides a layer of protection upon signing in.

  • Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365 Account
    Adventus incorporated efficient backup solutions to ensure that in the unlikely event of a disaster, RRJ would have access to the most recent backup and would be able to restore its database, files, and applications effectively. These are the enhanced backup policies that Adventus implemented:

    • High-Frequency Backup
      Adventus provided RRJ with a sector-based backup solution that enables the backup process to be completed in seconds. This minimizes any impact on the operation of the servers and network resources. The backup solution can run frequently at 15-minute intervals.

    • Increased Backup Archives
      The removal of tape backup and the implementation of cloud backup enabled RRJ to achieve more copies of backup throughout the day.
      Adventus’ backup solution also offered a longer retention period, hence increasing the capacity to hold more data in a secure manner. RRJ’s backups are now archived every 15 minutes for 3 months, daily for 1 year and monthly for up to 10 years. Should there be a need, file retrieval and system restoration can be done to a specific point in time. This is especially useful in guarding against malware like ransomware.


  • Adventus Managed Services

    • Managed Microsoft 365
      With Adventus Managed Microsoft 365, RRJ now has uninterrupted and round-the-clock monitoring of their email accounts, providing reliable support and troubleshooting. This service also enabled Adventus to manage all RRJ’s Microsoft 365 accounts and offer Microsoft SharePoint as a platform for RRJ to create new sites and have immediate access to the sites.

    • Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery Services
      With Adventus Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery Services, RRJ now has uninterrupted and round-the-clock monitoring of their data and backups, hence ensuring that they are always in working order. This will also help RRJ to restore files in the event of a disaster.
      Also, a Yearly Disaster Exercise drill is conducted so that Adventus could review and be prompt to know what to do in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.



  • Remote-friendly IT Infrastructure
    Through Adventus Cloud Migration Solutions & Services, RRJ now has one universal infrastructure platform instead of a few separate, localized ones.
    In the past, if their Hong Kong office wanted to access data from the Singapore office, they had to go through a tedious process with their previous vendor to gain access to that data. This process had a lot of restrictions and consumed a lot of time. But now, with a single platform, there is no longer the need to contact anyone as the data can now be accessed directly.

  • Easy Management
    With the cloud-based solutions provided by Adventus, RRJ’s IT Infrastructure is now easier to manage. There is no longer the need for regular time-consuming hardware maintenance at each location.

  • Enhanced Accessibility
    The cloud-based Microsoft 365 solutions that Adventus provided are accessible from any location around the world. Hence, enabling larger mobility of RRJ’s workforce. With this newly found ease of accessibility, the company can also encourage a hybrid work environment, where there is no need to force all employees to back to the office.

  • Cost Savings
    With the solutions implemented by Adventus, RRJ achieved some significant cost savings from not having to hire the high costing manpower which was previously needed to support and maintain any on-premise IT Infrastructure.

  • Business Continuity and Better Security
    Through Adventus Managed Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Services, RRJ can enjoy Business Continuity with peace of mind as they know that there is round-the-clock monitoring to ensure that their data is constantly being backed up. In the unlikely event of a disaster, RRJ will always have access to the most recent backup and will be able to restore any database, files, and applications effectively.
    RRJ can also rest assured that their information and data are not only easily accessible but also well secured under the care of Adventus.

Adventus has a very professional and responsive team. I like how fast their service desk respond to our IT issues or request. They also have deep knowledge of IT risk management requirement of MAS licensee, which is very important for us. After switching our IT service to Adventus, we also implement some additional IT controls which gave us peace of mind in a world where cyber security risks are becoming more prevalent. We highly recommend Adventus to any company who is looking for an IT service provider.
says Ms Lorraine Wong, Chief Financial Officer of RRJ Capital

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