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Next Story Group creates and transforms spaces to connect and inspire meaningful connections. it offers a differentiated portfolio of distinctive and compelling hospitality and lifestyle brands which appeal to investors, real estate owners and consumers. The Group currently owns, manages, franchises more than 20 hotels and resorts, bearing brands that include Next, Sage and Ink. It also manages five Kafnu properties which offers well-designed spaces for its members to stay, work and connect with entrepreneurs and business leaders. It continues to expand its portfolio across Asia Pacific with new openings in Australia and India in 2020.


The Challenge

When a company experiences rapid growth, so does its business needs. Next Story Group faced a similar situation. Having grown and expanded its portfolio globally, the group’s new end-users have increased and so did its IT demands. Their IT department then sought a scalable and reliable IT Solutions & Services Provider to manage their IT helpdesk support. Next Story Group began their search for a partner that be able to provide higher levels of service for helpdesk support. Thus, they engaged Adventus to help them overcome the following challenges:

1.    Building a Scalable Helpdesk Support
Next Story Group's growth translated to increased demand for support at its IT Helpdesk. Aside from supporting current end-users in Australia and Thailand, their properties in Vietnam and Taiwan were opening for business. With the group's burgeoning growth, they needed not just any IT Helpdesk provider, but one that keeps up with their demands, no matter the size.

2.    Improving User Satisfaction
Before engaging Adventus Singapore, Next Story Group faced some limitations, for example, the lack of a proper IT Helpdesk Team setup. This led to the inefficient management of support tickets, leaving many cases unresolved, resulting in many disgruntled end-users. Adding to the low user satisfaction was the challenge in communications between previous service agents and end-users in Australia.

3.    Providing Clear and Actionable Reports
Next Story Group relies on key metrics to increase their responsiveness to their end-users on IT issues. These metrics include the main issues faced, top properties that face issues, and the length of time to resolve these issues. However, since tickets and cases were previously inefficiently managed, the group was unable to provide accurate figures to management and property owners. This made reporting on issues less clear and a challenge to take corrective actions.


The Solutions & Services

As Next Story Group’s chosen IT provider, Adventus Singapore developed an integrated suite of IT services composed of the following:

  • A 24/7 Dedicated IT Helpdesk Team
    Adventus’ prioritized a seamless transition from the previous vendor that would not affect end-user experience. They achieved this by choosing a team of highly qualified IT professionals to manage the 24/7 dedicated helpdesk. This enabled Adventus to get the IT Helpdesk Team operationally ready 2 weeks before the service went live. The agents, too, quickly adapted Next Story Group’s Standard Operating Process (SOP) and work processes during the handover transition period. The team faced a mammoth task -- it offers Geographical Support for 12 properties and a total of 690 users.


    With a dedicated IT Helpdesk, the group’s IT end-users could call Adventus for any technical issues. The Adventus team of well-trained IT professionals provided high service quality by employing remote access technologies to promptly resolve IT issues, without the need of being on-site.

  • Advanced Ticketing System & Systematic Tracking Process
    Improving the IT Helpdesk team’s responsiveness was also on top of Adventus’ list. Agents logged all tickets into Adventus’ advanced ticketing and case tracking system while following a systematic approach on Case Management. With this approach, all tickets can be followed up and resolved promptly and end-users get constant status updates on their issues.

  • Monthly Management Reporting  
    Adventus also provided Next Story Group with timely and accurate monthly reports. These reports included information like the top callers, status of open tickets, and performance metrics detailed in the Service Level Agreement. Having reports keep Next Story Group regularly updated on Adventus’ performance and serves as a guide on how to better improve the service.



Overall, close collaboration between Adventus Singapore and Next Story Group resulted in a more efficient and responsive IT helpdesk support. Previous challenges and pain points have been addressed, resulting in helpdesk support that now offers:

  • Prompt 24/7 Support
    Adventus’ dedicated helpdesk team now provides IT assistance to end-users quickly and reliably. Call statistics show that 98.5% of calls were answered within 20 seconds while 99.5% of emails were replied to within 10 minutes. But it wasn’t just about speed—customer satisfaction rose as well with an average satisfaction score of 86.5%.

  • More Efficient Issue Resolution
    The dedicated helpdesk team also quickly built an expertise in remotely diagnosing and resolving IT helpdesk issues. With fewer low-tier issues to address, Next Story Group’s in-house IT team can finally focus on more relevant issues and on the improvement of its projects.

  • Improved Performance Insights
    Thanks to the advanced ticketing and case tracking system, the helpdesk team gets a bird’s eye-view of all IT issues. This results in better management of those issues by ensuring that all open tickets and cases are followed up regularly. Having clear insights was also instrumental in getting helpdesk operations set up within only 2 weeks.

Adventus Singapore has demonstrated expertise and dedication. It has a team that’s fully committed to what they do. With them handling and resolving our IT issues, it has eased our IT team’s heavy load and we can now focus on more strategic projects.
says Mr Mohamed Hisham Sirajudeen, IT Director (Corporate) of Next Story Group

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