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NOK Corporation (NOK) is the world’s top oil seal product manufacturers and the longest established oil seal manufacturer in Japan. Since it was founded in 1939, the company has been producing a wide range of functional parts, such as oil seals, O-Rings, packings, and other synthetic rubber-based products. NOK is a comprehensive rubber components manufacturer and solutions provider.

The NOK Group design and manufacture products that make the foundation of daily lives of people with the world’s highest technologies and trust in a wide range of fields, from the automotive, construction machinery to general industrial machinery industries.


The Challenge

To support the growing needs of the market, NOK has established facilities outside of Japan over the years in the Asean Oceania region, in countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. With a large company manpower size of over 7,000 employees, huge amounts of important data are produced daily by the company.

A previous project with Adventus enables NOK to backup their data both on premise and to the cloud; achieving excellent Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) for their data.

However, if a serious disaster were to happen, for example, a fire that destroys all their servers, they would be able to recover their data from the cloud but they would not have servers to run their applications.

The perfect disaster recovery plan would be to have the same amount of computing and storage resources at a secondary location that could take over in the event of a disaster. However, to achieve that, costs will have to be incurred to purchase the additional computing and storage resources required, rent the facility to house the infrastructure, hire the manpower to maintain the infrastructure, and purchase the solutions for backup and failover.

Balancing costs and benefits, most companies would choose to scale down their disaster recovery infrastructure and run only critical applications in the event of a disaster.


The Solution

Adventus Disaster Recovery Infrastructure-as-a-Service (DRaaS)

Adventus Disaster Recovery Infrastructure-as-a-Service focuses on helping companies gain a near perfect disaster recovery infrastructure cost effectively without sacrificing performance. It is a set of subscription based, on-demand, shared, scalable, highly available, high performance, and cloud-based computing and storage resources built on the premise that the probability of a serious disaster happening to a company is low and the probability of a serious disaster happening to many companies at the same time is even lower. Deploying a solution on premise and with the right configurations, companies can failover to the Adventus disaster recovery infrastructure speedily on-demand without sacrificing performance.

After careful evaluations and a proof of concept, NOK subscribed to Adventus DRaaS. Within a day, deployment was completed, and NOK’s disaster recovery infrastructure was ready.



  • Disaster Recovery Infrastructure that Equals the Performance of the Primary Infrastructure
    In the event of a disaster, NOK will be able to run all their applications without having to sacrifice performance.

  • Access from Anywhere in the World Efficiently and Securely
    In the event of a disaster, application users will still be able to access their applications from anywhere in the world efficiently and securely.

  • Significant Cost Savings
    NOK only needs to spend a fraction of the cost required to attain a perfect disaster recovery infrastructure.

  • Subscription Based with No Upfront Cash Outlay
    Adventus DRaaS is subscription based. NOK did not need to fork out tremendous amount of money upfront to purchase equipment, software and rent a facility.

We are glad that Adventus provided us with a cost-effective solution that meets our Disaster Recovery objectives.
says Mr Vincent Lim, Section Manager of NOK Asia

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