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Moog Aircraft Services Asia Pte Ltd

Moog Aircraft Services Asia Pte Ltd (Moog) is a joint venture between Moog Inc. and SIA Engineering Company (SIAEC). They maintain, repair, and overhaul Moog-manufactured flight control systems fitted to new-generation aircraft such as the Boeing B787 and Airbus A350.

Moog has been a leading supplier to the aircraft market for over six decades. Their broad range of solutions include fully integrated flight control systems and control actuation subsystems, as well as product-based solutions including controllers and utility actuators. Moog products are found on the industry's leading aircraft platforms including Military Aircraft, Commercial Aircraft, Regional Jets, Business Jets and Rotorcraft.


The Challenge

With the creation of the joint venture, Moog required a new office with a lean IT backend infrastructure.

Specifically, Moog required a variety of IT solutions and services such as office productivity, file storage, IT systems maintenance, and IT helpdesk services. Instead of sourcing, reviewing, and engaging separate vendors for every solution, Moog decided to engage a single vendor that can provide them with a full suite of IT solutions. Therefore, they sought an integrated IT services and solutions provider that they trust and are comfortable working with.


The Solutions

Moog chose Adventus to provide IT support for their network, wireless, firewall, cloud, and end-user equipment. Adventus rose to the occasion by providing the following suite of custom solutions:

  • Microsoft Azure Implementation
    Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding cloud computing platform with a set of cloud services that helps organisations with their business challenges. Azure integrates several related products, services, and third-party applications, allowing users to work seamlessly.

  • Microsoft Office 365 Implementation
    Office 365 is a suite of cloud-based productivity and collaboration applications. Also known as O365, it brings all of Microsoft’s existing online applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Sway, and Access) to the cloud. Meanwhile, it adds Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams as the main communication and collaboration applications. More and more enterprises of all sizes choose to collaborate using Office 365 because of its ability to drive productivity, ROI, and corporate success.

  • Remote IT End-user Support Implementation
    Adventus also supplied Moog with manpower for remote IT troubleshooting. As an outsourced IT provider, Adventus offered better economies of scale than hiring an internal IT personnel to cater to the team. Using Adventus’ Remote IT support, the Moog team can gain round-the-clock access to a team of highly skilled and well-trained IT professionals to resolve all IT issues quickly and remotely.

  • On-Site IT Support Implementation
    Not all IT issues can be resolved remotely. For those that require an on-site team, an Adventus IT engineer will be there to handle it personally.

  • Structured IT Infrastructure Maintenance Services Implementation
    Moog’s core network systems are comprised of firewalls, switches, and Wi-Fi network. These network systems require regular maintenance to maximise uptime and minimise human errors. Adventus established standard operating procedures and rigorous quality control policies to make this possible.


The Benefits

  • Scalability
    Without physical servers, Moog’s IT infrastructure will be more scalable. This means they will be able to scale up their business quickly as their needs continue to grow without worrying about hardware. Moreover, Moog’s team can continue working with systems familiar to them instead of adapting to new systems or software.

  • Accessibility
    Having a cloud computing infrastructure spells convenience for Moog staff as they will be able to access file servers from anywhere, as long as there is internet connectivity. Emails, files, and Microsoft Office documents like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel can be easily accessed, edited, shared, and stored in any device from any location.

  • Unified Collaboration
    With ease of access brought by having a cloud-based server, the Moog team is able to work closely with their head office wherever they are. Different parties in different countries can effortlessly collaborate on a single project.

  • Storage
    A cloud computing infrastructure is a lean local infrastructure that requires less hardware. Hence, Moog can now use the freed-up space for other purposes. A virtual infrastructure also means that the data can be stored faster and more reliably.

  • Security
    Not only do Azure and Office 365 provide scalability, these also come with their own advanced security features. With functions like message encryption and two-tier authentication, Azure and Office 365 are two robust systems that streamline Moog’s IT infrastructure while keeping its data safe.

  • Prompt Response and Issue Resolution
    With the Adventus helpdesk team supporting Moog’s IT end-user needs, 90% of IT issues can be resolved remotely within 10 minutes. The team can also go onsite within two hours for other IT issues that could not be resolved remotely.

  • Redundancy
    Microsoft offers a 99.9% guaranteed uptime that is financially backed for subscribers of Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft makes this possible by combining physical data redundancy, active load balancing, distribution of services, and continuous testing and monitoring.


Once Moog worked with Adventus as its all-in-one IT services provider, Moog began to enjoy the following benefits:

  • A Single Point-of-Contact
    With Adventus as Moog’s Single Trusted Services Provider, all of Moog’s software and systems are now seamlessly integrated. Moog only needs to reach out to one vendor for any IT assistance. Once contacted, a full team from Adventus, comprising of people with different expertise, will be ready to respond to issues at hand.
    Working only with one provider for various IT functions saves the Moog team time and effort. Moog employees are more productive too as they can spend their time better on more essential tasks.

  • Always Up-to-Date Server
    As Moog’s server is cloud-based, it can receive updates regularly and automatically, along with any software upgrades and patches. These updates are usually conducted in real-time, making it convenient for users. Having regular updates also ensures that the server runs faster and more reliably.

  • Ease of Maintenance
    With a cloud-based environment, Moog will not have any on-premise server or specialised hardware. This eliminates maintenance and saves capital costs. If needed, maintenance can be done offsite, which is faster and more convenient, and eliminates the need to access individual computers every time..

  • Productivity and Efficiency
    Cloud solutions offer an accessible work environment and unified collaborations that lead to employee productivity and efficiency.

I am glad that Adventus is able to meet this requirement, and even exceeded it further by being our one-stop IT services provider. Everything is worry and fuss-free.”
says Mr Benjamin Leong, General Manager of Moog Aircraft Services Asia Pte Ltd

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