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Established as a trading company in 1981, Mectron Engineering has since diversified from supplying a wide range of high quality pumps and engineered products for fluid handling solutions. With more than 30 years of experience, the company has developed into a proficient engineering company which offers a complete range of high-specification engineering projects.

As a renowned pumping service provider, Mectron focuses on delivering the best service for its customers, from preliminary design of pumping systems and/or engineered equipment to project management. Mectron pump centre is housed in a 1,404m² factory and is fully equipped with the necessary tools and fixtures to handle the overhauling of pumps in the correct procedure.


The Challenge

The cost of printing hardware, maintenance and the staff to manage the printers were high and inefficient. Mectron Engineering had copiers located in three different locations and all locations had very different usages. Adventus was only managing Mectron’s print environment in one location. Mectron’s in-house IT support was needed whenever the printers in other locations were down.

On top of that, Mectron Engineering also had copiers that did not match their current environment and print volumes.


The Process

A complete analysis which includes discovering the number of devices and printer networks, understanding the print volume, and determining the current cost of ownership of Mectron’s print environment was provided.

Through this analysis, Adventus had discovered that one of the copiers (which was ideal for high volume printing) was not well utilized as the print volume at the location was relatively low. 

Based on the findings from the analysis, Adventus team recommended cost-saving updates to the existing print environment to potentially streamlining the number of devices, maximizing the current print devices and improving print performance.


The Solutions

  • Adventus as the Managed Print Service Provider for the Entire Print Environment
    Rather than having to maintain different printers for each locations, Adventus will manage and support the entire Mectron’s print environment. Regular preventive maintenance will be provided to the printers and time consuming maintenance will no longer be the problem of the IT department.
  • Single Print Devices Inventory List  
    Consolidating office-wide printing under one printer inventory list allows Mectron Engineering to have a better understanding and precise view of the costs incurred on their print environment.
  • Optimized Print Environment
    The printers meant for high volume printing were relocated to Mectron Engineering’s main office where the print volume is higher. This ensures that all the printers in all locations are fully utilized and optimized. New printers meant for low volume printing are being placed in the other locations, resulting in substantial savings on ink, toner, and other consumables.
  • Leveraging Government Grants for Further Savings
    Adventus team has also advised Mectron Engineering on the availability of PIC (Productivity and Innovation Credit) Scheme that Mectron Engineering could leverage on. This provided further savings to the company.



  • Lesser IT Support Required
    The IT staff in Mectron Engineering could now focus on other technical matters as the printer support is now being managed by Adventus. The time saved by outsourcing printer support comes to real savings in operating expenses.
  • Single Point of Contact
    With Adventus as the reliable service provider, a call or email is all Mectron Engineering needs whenever there is any printing problems. Mectron would no longer need to rely on the in-house IT Support team to fix a printer failure, including spare parts or spending time to find the right expert.
  • Efficient Cost-Savings
    Adventus Managed Print Service has proven to be far more cost-effective when taking into account the cost of printing hardware, supplies, maintenance, staff support, as well as the potential losses from printer downtime.
  • Reliable Uptime
    Instead of relying on a local service company to service or repair the printers which could take days or weeks for the printers to be back online, Adventus Managed Print Service has the service staff and spare parts on hand, which guarantees timely service.Extending Adventus’ services following good outcomes

Adventus has always exceeded expectation in terms of servicing and response time. Through this proposal they helped us manage our print more effectively. The account manager has recommended the best printers for our needs, which helped us reduced costs, tidied up our inventory, cut back on administration time and have a much better level support service, says Jane Sim, Administrator, Mectron Engineering 


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