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Having collectively 50 years of experience, Eligo sets its vision to provide innovative and unrivalled level of integrated service for lifelong partnership within the global oil and gas, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, marine, infrastructure and mining industries with its excellent product quality at the lowest possible cost.  


The Challenge

With intensity of business competition in today’s market, Eligo is under pressure to do more with less. The company juggled between their business expectations and the technical ability to deliver what was expected of them. We highlighted some of the disruptive forces and operational challenges that Eligo faced in their environment.  

1.    Managing Multiple Vendors
The need to handle different vendors for different systems were costly and time consuming. There were more time spent on training users with the growth of more vendors.  In addition, more procurement efforts were required in dealing with multiple vendors. When complexity of the system arises, Eligo employees would have to handle it as there was no single vendor who understood the intricacies of all the systems. 

2.    No Service Level Agreement from Current Vendors 
There were no Service Level Agreement provided by the current vendors. As a results, there were no assurance that the internal processes were following the right direction. It was difficult to measure the internal objectives due a lack of transparency on the service level commitment from current vendors. 

3.    Insufficient Toners 
Running out of ink or toner is one of the biggest pain points faced by Eligo. This had often disrupted their business as they were unable to perform important printing tasks. 


The Process

An in-depth assessment was done to establish a baseline of the current state of Eligo’s fleet’s. The assessment provided a roadmap for moving from the fleet’s current state to its future state. A list of the existing equipment to be kept, re-deployed, and retired was also created. 

Finally, several recommendations based on the desired outcomes (such as total costs) along with best-of-breed equipment specifications was proposed. 


The Solutions

Adventus Singapore proposed a managed print solution which Chan Kheng Lim, IT Director of BNI Singapore, found “too compelling not to accept.” Under this proposal, Adventus would:

  • Adventus as Eligo’s Single Vendor
    A single point of accountability for the entire print services environment was provided. By centralizing the responsibilities for managing all of the equipment, people and processes, Eligo could now leverage on the procurement scale, standardization, budget consolidation, and only have one consolidated invoice to pay.

  • Guaranteed Adventus Service Level Agreement 
    There is a defined Service Level Agreement of the performance standards Adventus is obligated to meet. Performance metrics was established including the plan for addressing downtime and documentation. 

  • Automatic Toner Replenishment
    Adventus proactively monitor the usage and toner levels of Eligo's printers. Once there is a detection that the toner cartridges are running low, an email notification will be triggered. Replacement toners will be sent out automatically and replaced without any interruption. Adventus goes the extra mile to load in the toner so that it is completely hassle free for the users.



    By paying a low monthly fee, Eligo avoided paying full retail price for the machines and toners. Adventus will respond immediately to any technical issues and fix the problem at no extra charges. Adventus technicians will also address any issues encountered by inefficient devices during the quarterly preventive maintenance.
    The time spent on printer-related tasks, such as fixing the device malfunctions, replacing ink cartridges and toners are greatly reduced. This frees up the employees time to focus on other more strategic business initiatives and priorities.
    The employees in Eligo are getting twice as much work done without constantly handling printer issue, or without having to worry about running out of toner. By letting Adventus manage the printing environment, it has provided positive impact on the productivity of the business.

 With Adventus managed print services, our business workflow and processes have improved significantly, bringing a positive change on the strategic direction of the business. The quarterly review and preventive maintenance also ensured continual improvement. The team is extremely responsive to our requests and is always available when we need their assistance  Eligo Pte Ltd


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