Spreading the Joy of Christmas with Home Nursing Foundation

Singapore (December 16, 2019) – During this magical season of giving, employees of Adventus transformed into Santa Clauses to the beneficiaries of the Home Nursing Foundation (HNF), an organization that is committed to providing a wide range of healthcare to the homes of their beneficiaries.

Prior to this festive season, HNF collated the wish lists of 35 beneficiaries and shared it with Adventus. These wishes were then written on Christmas cards and hung onto a Christmas tree. Subsequently, employees of Adventus each picked a card and proceeded to make the wishes come true.


Over the span of two days in mid-December, Adventus’ employees headed out with their gifts to deliver them personally to their beneficiaries which were located all over Singapore. Besides the simple gifts, which the beneficiaries were extremely grateful for, the employees also interacted with their beneficiaries and went the extra mile to help assemble gifts such as electrical fans.


The beneficiaries were beaming with smiles when they received the gifts. They were appreciative of the time that our employees spent talking to them, despite it being short. In like manner, the employees of Adventus also thoroughly enjoyed themselves. By being Santa Clauses and seeing through the whole process of giving back to the community, they found this event to be a meaningful one. They got to know more about their beneficiaries and the stories that they hold.

Through this memorable event, all 35 beneficiaries and the employees of Adventus appreciated the art of giving and receiving. “Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.” ― Ben Carson. It was indeed a jolly merry christmas for both Adventus and the 35 patients of HNF.

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