“Scrub Out” with Home Nursing Foundation

Founded in 1976, The Home Nursing Foundation (HNF) is the largest and most established home healthcare service provider in Singapore. The organization specializes in delivering comprehensive care programs to its beneficiaries, ranging from nursing to medical care.

Singapore (November 30, 2019) – In partnership with HNF, Adventus embarked on a journey to improve the living conditions of HNF beneficiaries by helping to clean up their houses. One group of Adventus volunteers even went the extra mile in giving the house a new life by painting the walls for one of the beneficiaries.


The beneficiaries of HNF were mostly senior citizens who lived alone. Due to mobility and vision issues, tidying up an entire flat by themselves posed to be a great challenge for these elderlies.

Upon receiving news that volunteers from Adventus will be helping them to clean up their flats, the beneficiaries were elated and were looking forward to staying in a tidier and more comfortable home.

A fraction of the volunteers were first-timers when it comes to cleaning flats, as they have never cleaned their own flats before. But when it comes down to cleaning for a good cause, this handful of volunteers were eager to get their hands dirty (literally!).

As with all homes, if not properly maintained, the presence of pests is a common sight. Some of the volunteers had to step out of their comfort zones when they faced these pests. It was quite an experience for them, and their demonstration of resilience deserves to be applauded.

Nonetheless, the other volunteers also deserve to be recognized for taking the time and effort to give back to the community by cleaning and painting the flats for the seniors of HNF.

Most Adventus volunteers felt that this was a meaningful event as their voluntary help has made a positive impact on people who are less fortunate; thus, this made them realize that they should be grateful for what they currently have, and also to give back to the community whenever and wherever possible.

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