HP Amplify Impact 3-Star Recognition 2024

Amplify Impact Catalyst 3-stars


Singapore (February 26, 2024) – Adventus accepted the Amplify 3-Star Recognition from HP. This acclaimed accolade represents an organization’s dedication towards integrating sustainability into their core business practices. Going below the surface of this award: it showcases our effort towards driving significant sustainability progress across domains of the environment, society, and local communities.

As a valued partner with HP, we graciously accept this award – marking it the second year in a row that we have been a 3-Star Partner under the Amplify Impact program. HP has long been an industry leader in driving sustainability progress, fighting for human rights, advocating for climate action, and promoting the importance of digital equity.

Amplify Impact Catalyst 3-stars

We endorse and embrace these goals at Adventus, especially relevant to our Managed Print Services arm. Adventus humbly pledges to implement them, from theory to practice, and steer our business towards a circular, low-carbon economy. Thank you to HP once again for the Certification this year, and we hope our partnership will continue to flourish and prosper.

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