Asian Business Case Studies Awards 2019 (IT Services)


Singapore (July 9, 2019) – Adventus, a top-rated Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions and services provider, emerged as one of the 5 recipients for Asian Business Case Studies Award 2019 awarded by the Singapore Business Review, held at Sheraton Towers. Adventus clinched the award for the Best IT Services Case Study Category. The award recognised companies that provided exceptional business solutions that delivered greater efficiency, streamlining process and solving various issues.

Mr Frost Hon, Head of Business Unit, Infrastructure Services, received the award on behalf of Adventus Singapore. During the award ceremony, Mr Frost Hon delivered an impressive 20 min presentation which demonstrated how Adventus helped its customer to resolve their challenges with the “Intelligent Application of Virtualisation Technology” project. This project aimed to help customer virtualise all their physical servers to virtual machines to achieve a high availability architecture and repurpose the existing servers to “Managed Backup and Recovery” project without the need to acquire new hardware. This project has helped the customer achieve two objectives with enormous cost savings.

After the project concludes, Adventus continues to maintain and monitor the new systems under our Monthly Infrastructure Maintenance service where periodic checks are performed to ensure customer’s infrastructure is in good condition and monthly reporting with recommendations are provided for server upkeep. In addition, under Managed Backup and Disaster recovery services, the alerts are monitored by Adventus and Adventus ensures that data backup is successful, and yearly disaster recovery drill is conducted to ensure offsite facility is fully functional.

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