Wireless Infrastructure

With the proliferation of portable devices such as smart phones, tablets, and laptops; enterprises are recognizing wireless connectivity as part of essential office utilities. Business applications and productivity tools should no longer be tethered statically to a desk. Your employees, partners or customers should be empowered to roam within your premises for collaboration and information access even at remote corners.

  • Analyse your outdoor and indoor premise for effective access point placement.

  • Deploy directional access points to contain your wireless boundaries.

  • Plan virtual boundaries with geo-fencing applications for various industry-specific use cases.

  • Empower employees to be productive anywhere within and across office floors without connection breakage.

  • Bring network access to places unsuitable for wired connections such as warehouses, shipyards, or to an outdoor event.

  • Rearrange your office spaces or transform your workspaces to be shared (hot-desking) with the flexibility of wireless access.

  • Up your customer service and experience a notch by offering secure guest network access. Especially for hotels, customer briefing centres, and restaurants.


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