IP Telephony

The challenge for many customers is understanding which features are needed of a given solution. In spite of the reliability of traditional analog/digital PBX, the telephony industry is moving over to IP telephony/IP PBX or known as Voice-over-IP (VOIP). The features of traditional PBX have already been overshadowed by all the advantages offered by IP telephony/VOIP.

  • Computer data networks can now carry both data and voice without the need for separate network for telephony systems.

  • Enable your organization with Unified Communications – integrates multiple ways of communication like voice calls, video calls, voice mail, email, fax, instant messaging, and cell phones.

  • Redundancy on IP networks are easy to implement such as link aggregation and spanning tree protocols.

  • Cross-country organizations can connect long distance voice calls by terminating SIP trunks from Internet Telephony Service Provider directly to the organization’s IP PBX.

  • In a remote-office/branch-office setup, businesses can now transmit voice calls via an unlimited subscribed plan of MPLS or leased lines.

  • Encrypt your conversations with IP PBX and IP Phones.

  • Make video calls with IP PBX because the IP network can carry video and voice.


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