Backup, Archiving and Disaster Recovery

Data is the currency of today’s digital age. Businesses want their data and services accessible 24/7/365 while audit or analytics departments want to archive and reuse historical data. All these takes a toll on current IT infrastructure with costs. With the right backup solution, organizations can protect their data within their business-defined backup windows and making sure backups are error-free. Archival solutions manage your data explosion while reducing storage footprint and costs. An IT disaster recovery solution should be aligned and keep up with the organization’s business continuity plans.

  • Anti-virus/-malware/-spam: Scans for malicious programs, malware, spam for quarantine or removal.

  • Next-gen Firewall (NGFW): NGFW is the core of any UTM solution which scans network traffic and behaviour on the protocol, ports, and application layers. NGFWs are application-aware. Organizations may allow legitimate port 80 traffic such as for training as opposed to movie streaming sites.

  • Intrusion prevention: Analyses incoming network packets for attack signatures and perform an action based on a defined policy. For example, unsafe packets may be dropped to protect the internal network.

  • Virtual private networking: Allow employees outside of organization’s network to access internal resources via secure remote access over public networks.

  • Content filtering: Prevents access to inappropriate Web content by querying a cloud-based database. Administrators may also blacklist URLs/domains that are not allowed by company’s policy.

  • Other advanced features include application control, bandwidth management, data loss prevention, identity-based access control, and load balancing.


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