Adventus & Zscaler Webinar – Fortify Your Business and Defense Strategies Against Ransomware 


On 26th June 2024, Adventus & Zscaler will be hosting a joint webinar with the topic: "Fortify Your Business and Defense Strategies Against Ransomware". Our experts will be sharing on how to enhance your cybersecurity defenses and safeguard your data.

Ransomware attacks surged by over 37% in 2023, with the average enterprise ransom payment exceeding $100,000 and demands averaging $5.3 million. As the threat landscape evolves, new trends have emerged, making it imperative to stay ahead of these sophisticated attacks.

Join our upcoming webinar to gain insights into:

  1. Decoding the Cyber Kill Chain
  2. Comparing Security Architectures 
  3. Leveraging Zero Trust for Ransomware Defense


These offerings are part of our Adventus Cyber Security Solutions & Services portfolio. Click here to register for our webinar now!


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