Adventus & ReaQta Event – SSA Tech & Demo Day


On 31st July 2019, Adventus and ReaQta participated in a joint event, “SSA Tech Demo Day”, organised by Singapore Shipping Association, held at Amara Hotel, for participants who were members from SSA. This event featured innovative solutions from 10 vendors, aimed to help shipping companies leverage on technology to meet their business needs. Adventus and ReaQta gave a presentation on cybersecurity for the solution called “Hive as a Service”. This solution monitored malicious activities of malware that could potentially attack machines on vessels or device(s) in the shipping company backend office. Apart from Incident Monitoring, “Hive as a Service” also included activities such as Threat Hunting, Threat Remediation, Black List, White List, Remote Kill, Quarantine and Isolation of End Point, and Threat Report per Malicious incident.


If you are interested to find more about “Hive as a Service”, please contact us here.

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