Adventus & CYREBRO Webinar – Not All Cyber Threats Are Equal


On 13th September 2023, Adventus & CYREBRO organized a joint webinar on "Not All Cyber Threats Are Equal". Our experts shared on how CYREBRO can help our participants focus on the security alerts that require their intervention.

In this webinar, we explored what are the types of threats with real life examples of incidents involving these threats, and how CYREBRO and Adventus can help in prioritizing, addressing and managing them.

Finally, we provided key recommendations and controls to help our participants mitigate these risks. The notion that “Not all cyber threats are equal” underscores the need for a nuanced and adaptable approach to cyber security. Recognizing the diversity of threats, and tailoring defense strategies accordingly is essential to navigate this complex landscape.

If you’ve missed our webinar, you may view our webinar recording here.

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