Adventus & Action1 Webinar – Top 10 Worst Patch Management Practices


On 24th July 2024, Adventus & Action1 will be hosting a joint webinar with the topic: "Top 10 Worst Patch Management Practices". Don't miss this chance to learn from others' mistakes and improve your patch management strategy!

Do you know that 62% were unaware that their organizations were vulnerable prior to the data breach? Or that unpatched vulnerabilities are involved in 60% of data breaches?

While many resources highlight best practices in patch management, we'll focus on the mistakes we've seen in our customer base that should be avoided to prevent future issues.

Join us to gain insights on:

  1. The top 10 worst patch management practices
  2. Tips and tricks for effective patch management 
  3. How the Action1 platform can simplify your patching processes


These offerings are part of our Adventus Cyber Security Solutions & Services portfolio. Click here to register for our webinar now!


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