Cloud Disaster Recovery Infrastructure

Adventus Cloud Disaster Recovery Infrastructure or Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offers highly secure, scalable, available and durable; off premise, cloud based disaster recovery infrastructure for businesses. Our solutions allow your IT workloads on virtual or physical environments to be replicated to our advanced cloud infrastructure. In the event of a major disaster, no matter where you are in the world, our solutions allow you to easily and securely connect to our cloud infrastructure and get back in business quickly and reliably. Leveraging our Private Cloud, Public Cloud or Hybrid Cloud infrastructure, Adventus Cloud Disaster Recovery Infrastructure is highly customizable in design and architecture.


DR in Private Cloud

Experience high performance disaster recovery infrastructure that comes with high level of exclusivity, security and on-shore data storage that meets your data security policies

DR in Public Cloud

Experience high performance disaster recovery infrastructure that can be deployed rapidly and securely at affordable prices

DR in Hybrid Cloud

Build customized disaster recovery infrastructure that leverages the resources of Adventus Private Cloud and Public Cloud seamlessly to achieve high performance, security, agility and cost efficiency

Subscription Based

Our subscription based payment plan eliminates the need to secure a large amount of funding upfront for your technology needs and helps you achieve cost savings at the same time

Highly Customizable

Our disaster recovery infrastructure is highly customizable to suit your specific business needs

Highly Robust

Experience highly robust and resilient infrastructure that includes high availability and redundancy

Disaster Recovery Services

Our team of recovery specialists are equipped with and possess advanced tools, expertise and experience to ensure that your systems or files are recovered within the shortest time possible

Highly Scalable and Flexible

Our highly advanced software defined infrastructure and flexible network layer choices provide a high level of scalability and flexibility

Managed Services

Subscribe to our suite of managed services to achieve a greater level agility, assurance and convenience


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