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Tan Jaw Chyuan

Senior Manager, IT Service Delivery

At Adventus, I have the opportunity to work directly with the senior management team. Working directly with the Managing Director would have been impossible in my previous company. The culture and organisational structure at Adventus allow employees to interact "freely" with management. I find this openness refreshing and rewarding.

Adventus employees are given opportunities to "stretch" their abilities. Since joining Adventus in 2010, I have been given many opportunities to develop my potential by being involved in "experimental" projects. Adventus embodies a unique company culture: there is no red tape and no "I can't do" attitude. Everyone is motivated to work together as a team to overcome challenges. Every success is celebrated. We work very hard at Adventus, but we also enjoy what we do tremendously.

I enjoy being part of a company where employees are proud of their company and its achievements. Adventus has presented me with an opportunity to advance my career and develop my potential in a dynamic organization.


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