Singapore Health Award 2017

Singapore, 10 October 2017: In a corporate environment, where profit margins and productivity are the key objectives, companies like Adventus stand out for placing the health and well-being of their staff on par with business goals and achievements. For this, they have been honoured with a Certificate of Recognition from the Singapore HEALTH Awards.


The Singapore HEALTH (Helping Employees Achieve Life-Time Health) Award is presented by the Health Promotion Board to give national recognition to organisations with commendable Workplace Health Promotion programmes. It honours organisations that strive to help their employees lead healthy and vibrant lives.


Adventus organises active lifestyle activities that meet the needs and fitness levels of a large cross section of their employees. These include outdoor activities like the MacRitchie Tree Top Walk, team sports like bubble soccer and Futsal, and classes like Zumba, Kickboxing and Kpop Fitness.  “It’s great that we don’t just work together as colleagues, but also get to play together as friends and team mates. Participating in these activities gel us together so much more than meetings and discussions ever will, and I love the influence it has on our company culture,” said Vijay Anand, Adventus’ employee.


These initiatives make Adventus a holistic organisation to work for and thus gives it an edge in drawing and retaining quality employees who relish a balanced lifestyle.


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