Progressive Wage Mark

Singapore, 10 January 2024: Adventus Singapore Pte Ltd has been awarded the Progressive Wage Mark (PW Mark). This recognises our efforts in being an ethical and fair employer, in paying progressive wages to our employees.

About the PW Mark

The PW Mark is an accreditation scheme that recognises firms that pay progressive wages to lower-wage workers. Conscious consumers and corporate partners will be able to identify businesses and firms that subscribe to this model and support them.

Here at Adventus, we believe in fair and progressive remuneration for our hardworking employees. We applaud the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) and our Ministry of Manpower in outlining the Progressive Wage Model. It outlines a clear pathway for a rise in an employee’s wages after attaining the appropriate certifications, going through training, and improving their productivity and work standards.

Concurrently, better productivity corresponds with our utmost commitment towards serving our clients. If our employees are expected to and able to uphold these commitments, then Adventus should likewise reward them fairly.


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