25 Most Promising IT Services Solution Providers 2017

Singapore, 13 March 2017: Known for its best-in-class Information and Communications Technology Solutions and Services, Adventus was named 25 Most Promising IT Services Solution Providers by APAC CIO Outlook. 

Adventus has made its mark as the vanguard of ICT industry by helping organizations bring about positive transformations to their clients’ businesses through the intelligent applications of innovative solutions and pertinent services.

With the comprehensive range of ICT expertise, we have laid the foundation of unique products and services that have exceedingly strong value propositions for our clients.

Mr. Don Foo, Managing Director of Adventus


Adventus has been able to develop a high level of competency and proficiency across a wide range of ICT disciplines that includes Systems, Network, Security, Communications, Disaster Recovery, Document Management, Enterprise Printing, and Cloud. Ensuring that clients never go through a hiccup unassisted, Adventus offers fast, superior, reliable, and customizable IT Outsourcing and Support Services 24/7/365.


About APAC CIO Outlook - 25 Most Promising IT Services Solution Providers 2017

The list highlights the most prominent IT service providers of the industry who are capable of leading their clients towards excellence by supporting them beyond an advisory level. The proposed list aspires to assist individuals and corporations to find the right IT service provider, who suits their specific requirements, and help them accomplish their projects.


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