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I would like to express my thanks to Kuan Rong and Wei Quan for their great attitude and responsiveness to my IT problems.

They are always available and prompt in responding to any difficulties/problems we experience with our laptops, emails, connection etc.

In summary, I’m grateful and impressed by both Kuan Rong and Wei Quan.

My main contact has always been Kuan Rong and he had never once disappointed with his quick responses and attitude to me and my bosses.

He is always so helpful, nice and approachable. I’ve not spoken to Wei Quan much and I really appreciate his time and effort to help me with my laptop last week.

I just want to let you know you have 2 very good staff and we really appreciate them.

Thank you!


Hi Adventus,

Is the end of Year 2018 and I am would like to show appreciation in working with Bryan for the past few months.

Bryan have provided excellent and professional services in supporting the users and IT operations for KC. He is independent and a quick learner, minimum guidance is needed.

We are happy to have Bryan working in KC. Thank you.
Kuan Rong Tan
Infrastructure Coordination and Delivery (IC&D)
Kimberly-Clark Singapore
+65 6589 5165


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