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I am here to give a big compliment to JASON CHIA.

Venture is using Canon printer. This printer is giving us a lot of problems such as paper jam and toner leakage. Jason attended to this case since last year Nov. The issue happens almost twice a month. He is giving a lot of efforts on this case and looks for a solution to solved it for us, from twice a month become once a month. This Jan 2015, from once a month become every two months. The printer is running well again with minimize the printer problems. I know this issue is coming from the machine or office environment, as long as he can minimize the problem and make the printer running again.

Thanks JASON, I give him a LIKE.
Tris Tan

System Engineer

I am writing this letter to formally commend Jason Chia for his excellent service he provides to resolve our printer issues. In my opinion, the level of service that Jason extended to our company is far beyond our expectations.

What particularly impressed me about the level of service provided by Jason is that he’s always willing to go extra mile just to resolve our issues. Aside from that, I have also noticed the way he treat us customers – he’s very professional, friendly and nice not only to IT but as well as to all Venture staff. As per his support performance, I would say excellent as I can see that he knows what he is doing and so far no issues were left unresolved whenever he visit us. He always makes sure that our printers are in working condition before he leaves the premises.

In closing, I believe that Jason Chia truly deserve to be congratulated and rewarded for providing customer service and support well beyond our expectations. I believe he is an asset to your company and your customers.

Thank you very much and more power.
Best Regards,
Jinnor Mutin | System Engineer, IT Department


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