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Hi Allan,

Good day. Just as an update for the past 2 week with Alvin working on site here with us. Alvin has contributed a lot to our VA closing exercise and his working attitude and initiative is commendable.

Please let me know when we can have Alvin back for to continue his positive contribution to Aviva. Appreciate it. Thanks.


Aside to Adventus Thank you very much for quick remedial action and support given to this matter. Appreciate it!!! Special thanks for Jonathan who oversee and monitored the whole situation with periodic follow ups.

Great Job!!!

Thomas Kang

This email is to confirm that the Fax issue has been solved successfully. Thanks for everyone assistance. Hereby to special thanks for Adventus Engineer, Wong, he took about 3 days to help for configuration, also keep follow up with this issue.We very appreciated for your greatly help.

Ps: We will still concerns about the public holiday setting, if you have any solutions, please guide thru our user or us as well. Great Job!!!

Zen Chai


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