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Hi JC and Team,

Hi JC and Team, Thank you for helping terminal issue, actually we dont know that our server are attacked by randsomeware your team has done a great job to find out the issue and quickly safe the other servers and finally the terminal was restored at 10 PM.

I am looking forward to continuing to work together.Once again Thank you Jeff Huang and JC. Much Appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,

Hi There,

My name is Stacey Chin and I exited from my previous employer (PMG Asia Pacific Pte Ltd) last week hence I am writing you my feedback via my personal email. I was stationed in Taiwan when I got introduced to work with your team.

Being resided overseas and especially when I am not very savvy or trained on IT matters, it was great to be able to receive support from Adventus team to sort out all my technical problems. Special thanks to Joseph Lee, Haikal and Mahathir and the team who provided your support. Appreciate your kind help on all of my IT, email issues which you guys solved them remotely with efficiency and promptly.

Though I may not be able to work with you guys for the time being but hopefully our paths will cross again someday. Thank you for everything and take care.


Thanks a lot Siva and Peter for cleanup and labeling of cables work done on last Saturday (03-Aug-2019). Now our server room looks superb and pleasant. Great work !!!

@Haj Thanks for your support too.



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