T&T Salvage Asia Pte Ltd

I am writing this email as an appreciation for the quality service provided by Ashek, Adi and Lim Sihui today, 24th March 2014.

Ashek and Adi came to have a look on the photocopier printing problem at our office within two hours after we lodged a report on the matter. The printing problem was identified in minutes and Ashek went an extra mile by making a second trip few hours later to replace the “black drum” so that our work flow not to be interrupted further.

Nonetheless, Adi and Ashek also assisted us on the process how to scan “bulk” documents in a single folder besides attending to our official report. The company should certainly feel proud of them as who can bring in goodwill for the company.

Keep it up for the good service and we wish the company a lot of success.

Thank you.
Yours faithfully
Norliza Yasir

Office Administrator


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