Halcyon Agri Corporation Limited

Dear Jeff,

I have been working from Halcyon office since May 2020 as we move into second phase of circuit breaker, and I wish to compliment on the warm, knowledgeable and attentive assistance provided to me by Michael Andrison. .

In my work nature, I would consider myself a very heavy user of my laptop and supporting IT equipment and facilities, and Michael has patiently over many occasion helped me to resolve many issues arising from them.

In addition, during pandemic period and especially last year, I have regular video conferences (at least twice a week) with my colleagues in Cote d’ivoire, Malaysia and Thailand, and Michael has also helped me setup the video calls promptly and to resolve all connection issues.

In addition, Michael has put up some recommendations to improve the video conference communications with my Malaysian factories and currently we are sourcing and putting up the system as suggested.Further, Michael has helped me in several laptop issues, setting up of new printer and amongst other IT supports.

In short, I wish to show my appreciation and thanks to Michael for attending to my every IT needs which has certainly made my life working during pandemic times easier.

Again thank you.

With Kind Regards,


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