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Good evening,

I’m writing in to commend on 2 IT staff who has followed through with my laptop issues and eventually managed to resolve my issue.

I was informed by Persol IT Helpdesk that my case will be escalated to Helpdesk Level 2. I was promptly contacted by Yee Loon who tried to assist with my case via remote assistance. Very patiently, he did his best to troubleshoot but it seems that my laptop will require to go through some checking at the server room. Though Yee Loon was on leave that day, he still tried his best to assist with the issue remotely. Subsequently, his collegue Jairus took over the case from Yee Loon.

Jairus came to pick up my laptop personally and did his troubleshooting. This crossed over to the 2nd day when Jairus diligently followed up with me when will I be arriving at the office so that he can collect my laptop from me again. When I informed him that I will need my laptop back for a presentation in the afternoon, he told me he will use his lunch time to expedite on my case. After my meeting, he continued to work on it. I was filled with gratitude towards Jairus. His work and service attitude is truly remarkable. My laptop issue was settled and I’m a very happy customer!

Thank you Yee Loon and Jairus for going the extra mile!

Senior Manager at P-Serv


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