Lam Research Singapore Pte Ltd

Hi Kelvin,

Definitely happy!

Your swift response and can-do attitude help me serve Lam stakeholders well.

Thanks to your expertise and dedication to your job - it is highly appreciated. Thumbs up!
Logistics Specialist II

Hi Kelvin,

I totally echo Grace’s thanks.

Thank you, Kelvin P for your amazing support throughout the 3 days. You went ‘above and beyond’!
In addition to making sure that all us Singapore based presenters were properly set up,

you helped diagnose why 1 noisy attendee in Taiwan could not be muted and helped us to keep muting him (!), and you also helped alert your KR counterpart when Jiwon’s laptop was giving her problems which helped get her rapid onsite support.

A BIG thanks, to you, and to Gautam for letting us have Kelvin P for the 3 days of the Asia Forum. It certainly made us feel comforted to know that the GIS team really had our backs!

Warmest Regards,

Mng. Director

Hi Kelvin,

I write to express my gratitude for all the help and assistance you have rendered to me and the local presenters during our Asia Legal Partnership Forum.

Thank you for being so patient and diligent, and even took extra miles to come early to set up my session for me, I really appreciate that.

I hope you know that your hard-work is being noticed and recognized.

I can see that you are passionate in your job and you have been an excellence person to work with.

Please continue in what you do.

Warmest Regards,

Paralegal II

Hi Folks,

Adding further to the wonderful sentiment expressed by Andrew for a smooth CY21 AOP meeting , I would like to also express thanks to the ones operating behind the scenes to turn this event into a success for all of us.

Brian Tan – Overall Coordination
William, Kelvin P,– Grassroot work and coordinated effort.

Great teamwork !!!
Senior Engineering Manager at Lam Research


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