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Hi Support,

I’d like to compliment one of your staff, Koo, for the excellent service he provided to ARA. Koo helped us to sort out a lot of issue even it scheduled after office hour. I am really pleased with the knowledge and skills of Koo. His professionalism and enthusiasm to get to the root of the issue promptly exceeded our expectation.

This type of professionalism and commitment to the highest level of customer’s satisfaction has to be acknowledged. I am sure he is a valuable member of your team.



Hi Adventus Team,

I would like to commend ARA SA – Yeo Jia Ying for his support. Jia Ying has been performing outstandingly throughout this period supporting ARA users, often extending his support to users promptly and without fail. We have also received positive feedbacks from users that Jia Ying has been providing excellent service and they are very satisfied. He is passionate in helping our IT team and doesn’t mind learning/trying out new things. This has indeed improved our overall service level and performance. Therefore I would like to praise Jia Ying once again for his work, attitude and passion.



Dear Don,

I would like to compliment both Kernsen and Joe on their quality of work. They have a good attitude in their work and they always execute their job on time and even work extra miles to help the users to resolve their issues. Good jobs to both of them.






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