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Managing, maintaining and servicing a large number of printers is a time consuming and resource intensive operation, and not to mention, costly! We all understand the inconvenience of attempting to use a printer that is out of toner or not serviceable … and every printing job is urgent!

To deliver an efficient and cost effective solution, we have set up a collaboration with Adventus to manage our printers services. A combination of centralized printers, and Multi Function Devices at department level, backed up by an auto alert for toner replacement, and an on call repair and service facility – all part of the contract – has resulted in a successful rollout.

In the 3 months since “go live”, we have demonstrated a 20% cost saving on toner, repairs and manpower. This outsourcing arrangement has also freed up time for our users and IT staff to devote to more productive activities than in toners administration, printers servicing and maintenance.
Vincent Tan


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